St. Mary's College of Maryland

LGBTQ Student Services IE Pamphlet

Check out our LGBTQ Student pamphlet specific to SMCM study abroad programs, coming soon!


These resources have information on the laws and social climate of the locations of our study abroad program.

International Lesbian and Gay Association

 Provides LGBTQ - relevant legal information and news reports by region and country, including an interactive map.

International Gay and Lesbian HRC

International LGBT campaign providing information on the legal, social and political LGBTQ climate by region and country.

LGBTQ travel and culture website that compiles news reports, links, stories and photo galleries for over 190 countries. Though there are many banner ads, the combination of sources gives a broad picture of cultural attitudes towards the LGBT community in a region.

Human Rights Watch

Compiles reports on human rights issues, including LGBT issues, for countries around the world. News resource for issues LGBTQ human rights events and stories.

Out Traveler Magazine
A website that provides information about great LGBTQ spots all around the world

You can borrow a current LGBT travel guide from the SMCM Student Services Library (click here for more info).

Local Laws

Country Housing Illegal Relationships
Argentina Homestay
Austria Apt., Dorm, Independent


Belguim Homestay
Belize Dorm MtM and FtF
Brazil Apt., Home
Canada Apt. Dorm
Costa Rica (including Nicaragua) Homestay
China Dorm
Czech Republic Apt.
England Dorm, Home
France Dorm, Home, Independent
Gambia (and Senegal) Happy Camp Compound MtM and FtF
Germany Hostel, Apt., Dorm
Greece Hotel
Guam Apt., Dorm
Hungary Apt.
Hong Kong Dorm
India Dorm MtM and FtF
Ireland Apt., Dorm, Intl. House
Italy Apt.
Japan Apt., Dorm
Kenya Dorm MtM and FtF
Netherlands Dorm, Home
Nicaragua Homestay
Peru Homestay
Puerto Rico Apt., Dorm
New Zealand Apt., Dorm, Independent
Spain Dorm, Home
South Africa Hotel
Tanzania Dorm MtM, FtF (Zanzibar only)
Thailand Dorm
Turks and Caicos Islands Dorm
U.S. Virgin Islands Apt., Dorm