Alumni Spotlight

Jason Dorick

Jason Dorick, class of '07, found the perfect venue for his interdisciplinary interests in ILC. During his four years of studying French at St. Mary's, he also took courses in German and Spanish, and studied abroad in Montpellier.



Requirements of the Major in International Languages and Cultures with a French Concentration

To earn a bachelor of arts degree with a major in International Languages and Cultures/French, a student must satisfy the following minimum requirements in addition to the general college requirements:

1. Core courses in the concentration. Eight courses (32 semester-hours) chosen from a set of core courses in French, to be completed with a minimum grade of C- or better. Six of the eight must be at the 300-level or above and must include at least one culture and civilization course (355 or 356) and at least one upper-division literature course (362, 363, or 364). No more than one course in translation (ILCT 301) may count toward the core.

  • ILCF 202: Intermediate French II
  • ILCF 206: Introduction to Literature in French
  • ILCF 355: Culture and Civilization I: Metropolitan France
  • ILCF 356: Culture and Civilization II: The Francophone World
  • ILCF 360: Advanced Grammar and Translation
  • ILCF 362: Topics in Literature I: From the Middle Ages to the French Revolution (repeatable for core credit)
  • ILCF 363: Topics in Literature II: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (repeatable for core credit)
  • ILCF 364: Topics in Francophone Literature (repeatable for core credit)
  • ILCF 440: Special Topics in French or Francophone Studies in French (repeatable for core credit)
  • ILCT 301: Special Topics in French or Francophone Studies in Translation (repeatable for elective credit)

See the SMCM catalog online for course descriptions.

2. One Course in an additional Language.One course (4 semester-hours) taken in a language other than English and other than the student's concentration in order to deepen the student's understanding of linguistic structures and global perspectives. If the student has studied the language before, the course will be at the level where the student places by exam.

3. ILCT 293: Introduction to Cultural Studies (2 semester-hours). Must be taken at the same time as or right before the first 300-level course in ILCC/ILCF/ILCG/ILCS by those students planning to major in International Languages and Cultures.

4. ILCT 393: St. Mary's Project Workshop (2 semester-hours). Should ideally be taken the spring of the junior year, immediately before beginning work on the St. Mary's Project.

5. ILCF 493-494: St. Mary's Project in International Languages and Cultures (8 semester-hours)

Total: 48 semester-hours

French major worksheet