Femi Ojo-Ade, Professor Emeritus of French (1990). B.A., McMaster University; M.A., Queen's University at Kingston; Ph.D., University of Toronto. Born and raised in Nigeria, Femi Ojo-Ade began his travels abroad immediately after high school. He studied in Sénégal, Canada, Spain, and France. He obtained his Ph.D. in French and Francophone literature at the University of Toronto in 1975. Before then, he had worked as a diplomat in Nigeria, and as university lecturer. He became a full Professor at the University of Ife , Nigeria, in 1980. He has taught at colleges in Canada, Brazil, and the United States. Ojo-Ade has contributed many chapters to books of criticism, written many journal articles, and published over a dozen books of criticism, poetry, and fiction. His latest books include: Death of a Myth: critical Essays on Nigeria (Africa World Press), and the novel, The Almond Tree (Amoge Press). His works have been translated into Portuguese in Brazil. His novel, One Little Girl's Dreams, won the 1999 Association of Nigerian Authors' Prize for Children's Literature. In 1996, he was honored as a Leader of Black Consciousness by the Rio de Janeiro Legislative Assembly. He is currently coordinator of the African and African Diaspora Studies Program.

Email: fojoade@smcm.edu