Click on the appropriate link below to download an IACUC Animal Research Form and instructions for completing the form.

St. Mary's College of Maryland Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee form:

Animal Research Form (ARF) & Instructions for Submission of Materials (MSWord, 49 KB)

Your protocol submission to the IACUC will have two parts:  the Animal Research Form (ARF), and a written section consisting of mandatory attachments.  Click on the link above to access a file containing both parts of the protocol, plus instructions.  Please submit your protocol as a single electronic file, containing both the ARF and the attachments, to the chair.  Save this file with a unique new name, and delete the first two pages of instructions before submitting.  On both the ARF and the attachments, address each item independently, without reliance on information covered under other items or in other IACUC submissions.  All attachments should be typed. Copied materials from grant applications are not acceptable.

Information required in the written attachments includes:

A. Summary of Study.   Please write two paragraphs:  (1) a paragraph explaining your project and its importance, in lay terms (non-technical language) suitable for a broad audience; and (2) a scientific abstract of your project and its importance, including relevant citations.  The scientific abstract should clearly indicate how the project is supported and justified by the existing scientific literature.

B. Justification for the use of animals and species.   Provide rationale for using animals and for appropriateness of the species selected.  In particular, give reasons as to why non-animal methods (e.g., computer simulations, in vitro testing) cannot be employed.

C. Justification of number of animals. How was the number of animals determined? A diagrammatic flow chart is often helpful to illustrate groups and manipulations used.

D. Narrative. This should be the longest section of your protocol.  Explain the experimental design and provide a complete description of all animal procedures. The experimental course for all animals should be clearly presented from start to finish. Include all research categories checked on page 1 of the ARF.

E. Qualification, experience, or training - Name, title, and qualification, experience or training of each person (including PI) as it pertains to the current project, the specific species and the procedures to be used.  The PI must be a current SMCM faculty member.

The IACUC Coordinator (Dr. Anne Marie Brady) can assist with questions concerning submission & status of your protocol.  Her office is 126 Goodpaster Hall and she can be reached by phone at (240) 895-4258 or by email at