St. Mary's College of Maryland
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Major at SMCM: Chemistry

Year of graduation from SMCM: 2010

Year of entrance to professional school: 2010

Professional school: University of Maryland Baltimore

Professional Field: Dentistry

Karisa Carroll

How did St. Mary's prepare you for medical/professional school?

St. Mary's prepared me extremely well.  The science classes were challenging and the professors expected a high level of performance, which made the transition to dental school classes really easy.  My professors were also extremely supportive during the application process and wrote phenomenal letters of recommendation.  HSAC also was able to point me in the right directly early on in my freshmen year and helped me build a competitive application.

Was there anything unique about the St. Mary's education that you feel made a difference in your career or your path toward your career?
My SMP was definitely a way that St. Mary's helped me stand out amongst other applicants.  It was a large topic of conversation at every one of my interviews. I definitely feel that the interviewers were impressed by this requirement at St. Mary's and were extremely inquisitive about the details of my research.

In comparison to your peers in your professional school program, do you feel that St. Mary's prepared you for the rigors of the program?
Absolutely. (See questions #1 and #2)

What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the St. Mary's pre-health advisory program that you encountered while attending St. Mary's?
The pre-health advisory program definitely pointed me in the right direction, and allowed me to plan ahead and build a competitive resume.

If you could give one piece of advice to current St. Mary's pre-health students, what would it be?
Plan ahead!  This makes the application process much less stressful.  I built my resume over all four years at St. Mary's- and didn't wait until my last two years to cram.  Getting work experience and volunteering my freshmen and sophomore year summers definitely allowed me to focus more on my specific science classes during the year.  However, I was also fortunate to know exactly what I wanted to do my freshman year of college as well- and most students aren't always so sure.  However, completing my prerequisites and applying early was definitely beneficial to me.  The Dental school application process was also rolling admission so the earlier I got my application sent in, the better my chances were.

Anything else you'd like to share?
St. Mary's provided the foundation I needed for graduate school.  I was guided in the right direction, and shaped into a competitive applicant for Dental school.  In addition, the standards that professors set at St. Mary's made the transition into the rigors of Dental School much easier. 

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