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Prospective Students: Considering SMCM

St. Mary's College of Maryland (SMCM) boasts of a high acceptance rate to medical school and other health science professional schools, but it is important to consider whether SMCM is a good fit for you and your academic and pre-professional needs. Below are links to help you decide if you should pursue your undergraduate pre-health education at SMCM.

Learn about the SMCM HSAC

Learn about HSAC Successes

A Clarification about pre-health science majors:

  • There is no pre-med or pre-health major at St. Mary's.
  • You choose the major that you are the most interested in, and make sure you take the necessary prerequisites to allow you to enter the professional school of your choice.
  • You will make sure to participate in extracurriculars and practical experience opportunities that will help you stand out from the rest of the professional school applicants.
  • Regardless of your major, you will work with the HSAC to establish a file and to make sure you are on track to apply to professional school.

Contact Us

  • Contact the chair of HSAC.
  • Talk to current SMCM students, or an admissions officer, about the pros and cons of pursuing pre-health at St. Mary's.

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