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Pre-Medical Advising: Course Planning

Medical schools generally have the same set of prerequisites (listed below), but it is still important to research the schools you plan to apply to. Do your research early so you can schedule your coursework accordingly.

Here is a list of typically required prerequisites for medical schools, in order to give you an idea of the type of courses you will be taking. Use this only as a launching-off point for your course planning.

   What medical school programs require   
What medical programs may require

2 semesters of Chemistry (Fr.)
CHEM 103 & 106

Calculus: MATH 151 &152

2 semesters of Organic Chem. (So.)
CHEM 311 & 312

What schools like to see:

2 semesters of Physics (So./Jr.)
PHSY 121 & 122 or PHSY 131 & 132

Liberal arts students

2 semesters of Biology (Fr.)
BIOL 105 &106

People of service active in their communities
English literature
High achievers and improvement

Note on Calculus: Calculus is strongly recommended for any student in the sciences. While some medical school programs require calculus, most do not. It is worth mentioning here however that many other graduate programs in the sciences generally require calculus.

Note on Physics: Physics 131 & 132 is calculus based and Physics 121 & 122 is algebra based. The algebra based Physics sequence is sufficient for fulfilling the requirements for medical school and by presenting a broader survey of the field may prepare you better for the MCAT exam. It is always best to take Physics before or during the year that you anticipate taking your entrance exams. Most students complete Physics II the same semester they take their MCAT or GRE. Taking the MCAT before taking Physics nearly always results in taking the exam a second time.

*IMPORTANT: These notes are intended to be a starting point of conversation for you and your academic advisor. Program requirements may differ among graduate institutions. For example, veterinary schools, pharmacy schools, and physical therapy programs often have many institution- specific requirements. To be sure you fulfill the requirements for your program of interest it is best to check directly with each school.

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