St. Mary's College of Maryland

Pre-Dental Advising: From the Chair

"Students applying to dental school will need strong academic profiles. A 3.5 in both overall and science GPA is pretty much expected for dental applicants as a minimum along with significant practical experience and strong performance on the DAT. Our students generally find this exam to be less challenging than the MCAT and usually perform competitively. Dental schools along with many other health science programs have moved toward looking for a committee letter of recommendation. This allows them to see a synthesis of information about the applicant and hear many different viewpoints about the candidate in one letter. Participating in HSAC also allows that student to garner feedback from a broader group, their HSAC mock interview team and to practice speaking from example about why they want to be a dentist. Professionalism is critical in every area of medicine, but dental programs are especially keen to see students who present themselves in a professional, polished and well-groomed manner."

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