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Congratulations on choosing pharmacy as your future career field! You can learn about some of the many exciting careers in pharmacy by visiting the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) page for pharmacy career info.  And below, we have compiled some resources designed to get you started with your application process.

Official Association for Pharmacy: AACP

Application Service that some schools require: PHARMCAS

Pharmacy School Admissions Requirements

Pharmacy School Admissions Requirements (2011-2012) (full pdf download)

Choosing Pharmacy Schools...

Course Planning: Prerequisites for Pharmacy School...

  • There are no set prerequisites for pharmacy school.
    • Instead, each school has its own list of required coursework for admission.
    • That means that, early on, you must compile a list of the schools you plan to apply to so you can plan your coursework accordingly.
  • A great resource is the "Pharmacy School Admissions Requirements", an exhaustive list of accredited pharmacy schools in the United States.
  • Note that some common prerequisites, like public speaking, are not offered at St. Mary's. Think ahead and plan accordingly.
  • Also note that many schools require specific courses outside of the sciences, such as economics, statistics, and english composition.

Admissions Test: The PCAT...

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