St. Mary's College of Maryland

Other Professions

Hello and welcome to the HSAC resource sites for students pursuing health careers other than medical, veterinary, or dental careers.

Feel free to look through the resources here to help get you started with choosing schools, making sure you have the correct prerequisites, and starting your application process.

If a school you plan to apply to requires a committee letter of recommendation: Please contact the HSAC chair and fill out your HSAC introductory worksheet, if you have not already done so. This will begin an advising process similar to that of pre-medical, pre-veterinary, and pre-dental students.

If none of your schools require a committee letter of recommendation: You do not need to fill out the worksheet. The HSAC advisors are willing to meet and talk with you even though you will not need a formal committee file. The HSAC is also willing to set up a mock interview if you desire the extra practice and feedback before the interviews with your schools.

If the field you are pursuing is not currently represented on this site, feel free to contact the chair-- be prepared to provide several links and resources [that were helpful to you] to get us started with the page. If you have a link or piece of advice that would be helpful to include for a preexisting field, please email the hsac chair.

Best of luck!

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