St. Mary's College of Maryland

Committee Letter: Submitting Addresses

If your program requires a committee letter of recommendation, you must give your HSAC advisor and the HSAC chair the accurate addresses for the institutions you are applying to. If you do not do this, the programs will not get the letter of recommendation and your application will not be complete.

Note: The veterinary school recommendation submission process is different! The committee will submit the letter online through VMCAS instead.

How to submit the addresses to the HSAC:

  • Create a word document of the addresses that you continue to update and send [to the HSAC] as an attachment throughout your application process.
  • Sending this list early, during the primary process, may result in incorrect addresses for letters as these addresses sometimes change.
  • Sending letters to the address listed in the AAMC or web may also be incorrect. Make sure you convey the exact name of the medical school and the exact address to us.
  • Your list will grow throughout the summer. Include the full name of the program in this list even if it is not part of the address. Make a note, for your records and for ours, as to when the secondary was received and returned.
  • Every time you send an updated version of your address list, you should update the file title by including the date. This way all your HSAC chair/advisor will need to do is drag the file into your folder and it would shuffle in place.
  • Note: When your chair puts the address into the letter, he or she will copy and paste it as YOU typed it. In this way typos are on the your shoulders and not on your advisor's! This system allows the advisor to check back and be sure he or she sent all the letters that were requested and is especially helpful when letters go astray.

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