St. Mary's College of Maryland

The Committee: Your Personal Committee

At the start of your application year (the year during which you plan to apply to professional school), you will have the chance to form your own personal committee.

The committee will consist of:

  • The HSAC Chair
  • Your assigned HSAC advisor
    • Note: If your advisor is the HSAC chair, you will not be assigned an additional advisor for your personal committee.
  • Two non-HSAC faculty members
    • You will choose these faculty members yourself.
    • Ideally, they will be faculty members that know you well enough to provide helpful feedback and advice to you during the mock interview.
    • These may be the same faculty members that wrote letters of recommendation for you.

The committee's main responsibilities are to:

  • Stage a mock interview to prepare you for professional school interviews.
  • Compile your committee letter of recommendation.
    • Your HSAC advisor will be the main person doing the compiling, but the rest of your personal committee may be involved as well, to provide additional insight and edits.
  • Provide support and guidance for you throughout your application process.

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