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Catherine A. Pratson
Director of Human Resources 

Melvin A. McClintock
Assistant Director of Human Resources/AA/EEO Officer

Michelle L. Forinash
Assistant Director of Human Resources

A. Faye Graves
Human Resources Specialist

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HR Office

St. Mary's College of Maryland Contingent Employees One-Card Authorization

St. Mary's College hires contingent employees for specific projects, one-time events, professional
services, and to substitute for employees on leave. Part time faculty are hired to teach academic
subjects, and adjunct faculty are appointed for a variety of purposes.

Appropriate completed forms are required to place the contingent employee or part time and
adjunct faculty member(s) on payroll in order for the College to comply with all applicable
employment laws, including but not limited to the completion of I-9 forms.

Mandated benefits such as FICA, Unemployment, and Workers' Compensation will be paid by
the College.  Other benefits are elected and paid for by the employee.

One-Card Privileges

All contingent faculty employees are eligible to receive a College ID Card (One Card).

The One-Card allows access to specific buildings that use the card entry system, dining and
recreational privileges, library, computer account, etc.  The request to process the College ID
Card must be initiated by the Supervisor/Department Head in writing (e-mail) to the IT Support at and must contain the starting and ending date of employment.

The One Card will be issued by campus technology support services with a definitive expiration
date which will usually be the date the contract begins and ends.   If a faculty member is
returning, the One Card account will be maintained as long as the contract remains in effect and
the timekeeper does not cancel the employee from the contingent payroll.

The employee must go to campus technology support services (located in Baltimore Hall) to get
his/her ID (One-Card) processed.

Departing employees will be checked out by the department timekeeper who is responsible for
adding and deleting employees from the contractual payroll.  Departing employees must contact
the business office to pay outstanding balances charged to their One-Card account and to return
the One-Card.

The timekeeper will notify the Office of Human Resources of the date of the employee's
departure.  Human Resources will notify the public safety office to invalidate the employee's
parking permit.

Example e-mail to request a card

To: IT Support
Campus Technology Support Services

Please issue an I-D (One-Card) to: Name:  [employee's name]
Department: [hiring department]
Date of Hire:  [insert date hired]
Ending Date: [insert if known]
Employee's Title: [insert title]

Employee will be allowed access to: [Name of Buildings/Offices]
[Food Service]