Seminars & Events

Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference

On March 29 at George Washington University, four Saint Mary's students will present their research at the Phi Alpha Theta Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference. The history department wishes them the best of luck.

Tour Spotlight

Greece Study Tour

The Greece Study Tour takes place every other summer.


SMP Spotlight

Matt Anthony, "Pickin' Up the Pieces: Country-rock and the End of the Sixties," 2013.

“My St. Mary's Project offered a way for me to merge my love of popular music with my research interests. Working closely with my mentor, Dr. Chuck Holden, gave me an in-depth insight into the work of an historian. I had the opportunity to pursue research avenues that are not typically part of the undergraduate experience, including archival work at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library & Archives in Cleveland, Ohio, and conducting oral histories with several performers from the 1960s and 1970s. Even after a year of thorough research and writing, my SMP left me feeling that I have only scratched the surface of a very rich topic which I hope will be the basis of further study as I enter graduate school."




History Study Tours

History Department Faculty (together with faculty members from other departments) offer a variety of Study Tour opportunities for St. Mary's students.  These are exciting Summer opportunities to experience history outside of the classroom, and explore the ways in which the past and the present inform each other.  


Upcoming Study Tours:

Andean Studies Tour to Peru, May 2013 (Dr. Adriana Brodsky, Dr. Cristin Cash, and Billy Friebele)

Every other summer, this Study Tour travels with a group of students to the Andes to explore the ancient culture of the Inca civilization and learn how Inca culture impacts the region today. Students have the opportunity to earn 4-credit hours towards either History, Art History, or LAS, among others. The Study tour is based in Cusco, where students stay with a Peruvian family, and attend Quechua classes, weaving workshops, and visit historic Inca sites (like Pisac and Machu Picchu). Click on the link for more information.


Past Study Tours: 

Greece Study Tour (Dr. Linda Hall and Dr. Michael Taber)

This Study Tour is offered every other summer. Offered in 2014. Click on the link for more information on the upcoming tour.

"Over There: The American Military Experience in France, WWI-WWII" Summer Tour, May 2011 (Dr. Christine Adams and Dr. Chuck Holden)

Click on the link for more information on this tour.