Seminars & Events

Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference

On March 29 at George Washington University, four Saint Mary's students will present their research at the Phi Alpha Theta Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference. The history department wishes them the best of luck.

SMP Spotlight

Lawrence MacCurtain, "Rhapsody in Red: Classical Music and American Wartime Perceptions of the Soviet Union," 2011.  

"My SMP experience was both challenging and rewarding.  While considering the role of Russian classical music in shaping popular American perceptions of the USSR during WWII, I had the opportunity to conduct exciting research.  I was able to discover unique primary sources at the archives of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Bobst Library at NYU.  Ultimately, my historical findings were surprising and provocative." 


Alumni Spotlight

Students at Phi Alpha Theta party

As a history student at St. Mary's College, I was challenged to go beyond the text book.  I was challenged in the classroom, filled with discussions, debates, and primary source readings.  I studied Russian history under Professor Tom Barrett.  One of the most amazing classes that I took at St. Mary's was a class based on St. Petersburg, Russia.  As part of the class, we traveled to St. Petersburg over spring break.

-Kelly LaRose, Class of 2007

Student Spotlight

Lizi Pinkus with great-grandfather's grave in Normandy, France

Lizi Pinkus (Class of 2014) in Normandy, France at the grave of her great-grandfather, Samuel Pally.  He invaded Omaha Beach on June 7, 1944 (D+1), 1944 and was killed in action on June 12.  Lizi went to France as part of a History Department-sponsored study tour entitled "Over There: The American Military Experience in France, WWI and WWII." 


David Beers Quinn History Award past winners
Established in 1978 to recognize outstanding scholarship in the discipline. In 1986, named in honor of a distinguished former professor of history. ($500)

  • 2014 Winner: Samantha Cameron
  • 2013 Winner: Gabriel Young
  • 2012 Winner: Monica Louzon
  • 2011 Winner: Megan Anderson
  • 2010 Winner: Zack Weinkam
  • 2009 Winner: Jordan Grant
  • 2008 Winner: Halley Lynne Fehner 
  • 2007 Winner: Kathleen Frana
  • 2006 Winner: Jeremy Young
  • 2005 Winner: Michelle Ruth Hessey

The Colton History Award past winners
Provided by the Major William Thomas Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (St. Mary's County) to a deserving history student. (a book)

  • 2014 Winner: Benjamin Israel
  • 2013 Winner: Steven Gentry
  • 2012 Winner: Jennifer Kunze
  • 2011 Winner: Larry MacCurtain
  • 2010 Winner: Megan Anderson
  • 2009 Winner: Julia Toman
  • 2008 Winner: William Seth LaShier 
  • 2007 Winner: Kate Wersan
  • 2006 Winner: Natasha Hollenbach
  • 2005 Winner: Debbie Yan Lee

The Betty W. Briscoe Award past winners
Provided by the John Hanson Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (Calvert County) to a Calvert County history major. ($200)

  • 2014 Winner: Alex Gadd
  • 2013 Winner: Dylan Cahn
  • 2012: Winner: Holly Fabbri
  • 2011 Winner: Mike Youngborg
  • 2010 Winner: Marc Pirner
  • 2009 Winner: April Pavis
  • 2008 Winner: Amy Alicia Griffin 
  • 2007 Winner: Vince Cappello
  • 2006 Winner: Kelly LaRose
  • 2005 Winner: David Madera

The Alison Quinn Award in History past winners
Provided by a gift from David Beers Quinn to encourage students to maintain an interest in history and to specialize in the subject. ($300)

  • 2014 Winner: Philipa Friedman
  • 2013 Winner: Evan Kelley
  • 2012 Winner: Zachary Etsch
  • 2011 Winner: Rachel Waldron
  • 2010 Winner: Brendan McCarthy
  • 2009 Winner: Zachary Weinkam
  • 2008 Winner: Jordan Daniel Grant 
  • 2007 Winner: Halley Fehner
  • 2006 Winner: Nathan Barker
  • 2005 Winner: Jeremy Cameron Young

The May Russell Historical Achievement Award past winners
Given by the St. Mary’s County Historical Society for an outstanding paper on some aspect of St. Mary’s County history or early Maryland history from the 17th century through the Civil War. ($200). Open to any student of St. Mary’s College.

  • 2013 Winner: Joanna Purich
  • 2011 Winner: Holly Fabbri
  • 2010 Winner: Olivia Williams
  • 2009 Winner: Paige Spencer
  • 2008 Winner: Keith Robert Buzby 
  • 2007 Winner: Nathan Barker
  • 2006 Winner: Don Johnson
  • 2005 Winner: Bethany Rae Scherbarth

National Society of Colonial Dames past winners
For those aspiring to graduate study in American History. These awards are managed in each District separately in accordance with a rotating schedule. ($500)

  • 2013: Matthew Anthony
  • 2011 Winner: Frank McGough
  • 2010 Winner: Mike Youngborg
  • 2009 Winner: Amy Griffin
  • 2008 Winner: N/A 
  • 2007 Winner: N/A
  • 2006 Winners: Bridget McVae/Beth Luginbill
  • 2005 Winner: Laura Brian Coons

Margaret B. Marlay St. Mary's Project Award
Granted annually for gifted students in English or History for work on a St. Mary's Project.

  • 2009 Winners: Perry A. Colvin and Paige C. Spencer

The Sotterly Award

  • 2014 Winner: Craig Tyer