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Frequently Asked Questions


When do you open?

The peer drop-in hours are on Mondays and Thursdays from 4-8 P.M, starting February 17th. There are two Peer Health Educators for each 4-8 shift, meaning that even if it looks like the day or time you want is fully booked, you will still be able to talk with someone if you just come in.

Where are you located?

We are located in the Human Observation Suite, in the basement of Goodpaster.


Is this counseling?

No, this is not a replacement for counseling or a medical doctor. However, we have over 40 hours of specialized training.


Who will I be talking to?

You will be talking to one of the Peer Health Educators. You can check out their bios and areas of interest here.

What can I talk about?

  • sexual health
  • sexual violence
  • drugs
  • alcohol
  • tobacco
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • general mental health
  • stress
  • nutrition
  • body image
  • friendship difficulties
  • relationship difficulties
  • roommate conflicts
  • LGBTQ issues
  • Anything that's weighing on you!


Is this private?

The Peer Health Educator (PHE) you speak with will not share your information or participation with anyone. Anything shared or said will be kept private between you and the PHE you speak with.

The PHE may consult with another PHE or their supervisor, but will not disclose any identifying information except if:

  • You share information that you or someone you know poses a threat to yourself or those around you (ex. actively suicidal, homicidal, child abuse). 
In these cases, the PHE will contact our supervisor, Meghan Root (Sexual Assault/Wellness Advocate). If Meghan is unavailable, we may contact (in this order) Counseling Services, the On-Call Professional, or Public Safety to establish safety. 
  • You share that sexual misconduct has happened (sexual violence, relationship violence, stalking, sexual harassment).   
In these cases, we will share the reported information with our supervisor, Meghan Root (Sexual Assault/Wellness Advocate) who will share this information with the campus Title IX Coordinator. This does not obligate you to any action but may include follow up.

Any documentation made will be kept in a locked location maintained inside Counseling Services for a minimum of two years after the meeting and will not be shared with anyone outside of that location without your explicit consent.