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The Counseling Service adheres to the ethical guidelines of the American Counseling Association, including strictly respecting the right to confidentiality of records and information shared by students in a counseling session. All records, computerized and written, will be stored, retrieved and maintained according to acceptable ethical guidelines. Counseling staff will generally release records only to other mental health care providers; however, students should be aware that there are certain circumstances under which their right to confidentiality may be outweighed by a conflicting legal or ethical duty of the therapist to disclose confidential information. For example, if the Counseling Service staff determines that a student is potentially harmful to themselves or others, learns of child neglect or abuse, or is ordered by a court of law or otherwise required by law to surrender its records, then the staff member may have to disclose information that the student shared on a confidential basis. In all other circumstances, the Counseling Service staff member will obtain the student's written permission before disclosing the confidential information to anyone.