Program Highlight

Working near the Hexamilion Wall in Isthmia, 2008

One of our early evening seminars in the village of Ancient Korinth, at Café Marinos, overlooking the Korinthian Gulf, while discussing Aeschylus' plays.


Photo Galleries

Students on SMP Presentation Day

Although clothed and with shoes, we recreate a footrace at the original stadium at Nemea.  Professor Taber did retain from ancient times, however, the threat that cheaters would be beaten. Click here to see photos from previous tours.



Grades for the course are based upon the following:

  • Pre-departure, a 3-4-page paper on EACH of the two sites you will have chosen, plus bibliography and diagrams or maps - 10% each, e-mailed to Professor Taber by May 22.
  • Pre-departure, take-home ID exam - 10%  Due on the flight to Greece (prior to the first beverage service!).
  • Seminar responses to assigned questions -35%
  • 2 oral site reports given to the group at the sites - 5% each
  • An 8-10 page paper due August 16, on a topic relevant to the sites we visit or the issues raised in the readings and evening seminars - 25%

The paper can have an archaeological, cultural, historical, literary, philosophical, political, or religious focus, but the topic must be approved by the instructor prior to writing.