Program Highlight

Working near the Hexamilion Wall in Isthmia, 2008

One of our early evening seminars in the village of Ancient Korinth, at Café Marinos, overlooking the Korinthian Gulf, while discussing Aeschylus' plays.


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Students on SMP Presentation Day

Although clothed and with shoes, we recreate a footrace at the original stadium at Nemea.  Professor Taber did retain from ancient times, however, the threat that cheaters would be beaten. Click here to see photos from previous tours.


Program Highlight

American scholars and students have been coming to the village of Ancient Korinth for over a century, and St. Mary's has been coming there for a decade.  We have built good relationships with local café and taverna owners and with local shop owners.  Each season we return, there are hearty greetings and bear hugs. 

When members of our group visit some of the gift shops in off-peak hours (namely, when there's not a busload of tourists that the staff has to attend to), we get some fairly substantial discounts.  Greece is a place built on face-to-face relationships, and we value these greatly. 

We look forward to you adding to these relationships.  In fact, several of the Greece Study Tour alumni have later returned to Greece on their own, and have revisited the village, to the warm greetings of old friends.