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Anne Arundel Hall Replacement


Anne Arundel Hall Replacement Project Description:

The demolition of the existing Anne Arundel Hall will begin summer '13.  Construction of the new parking will begin summer '13.  Building construction will begin summer '14.  The Anne Arundel Replacement will include modern archaeological curation facilities for Historic St. Mary's City's and academic space for the College's programs in anthropology, museum studies, and language/cultures.

To view the design of the Anne Arundel Hall / Maryland Heritage Interpretive Center please click here.

To view additional design images of the Anne Arundel Hall project please click here.

This project is being designed, and constructed in conjunction with the Historic St. Mary's City's Maryland Heritage Interpretive Center

Projected Cost: Approximately $36,000,000

Estimated Schedule:

Design from winter 2009 to fall 2011

Construction from summer 2013 to winter 2016

The following are programming documents for the projects and a report detailing partial reuse of Anne Arundel Hall.

Anne Arundel Facility Program Parts I and II

Anne Arundel Hall Partial Reuse Report

Maryland Heritage Interpretive Center Program

Dan Branigan
Director of Design and Construction