Did You Know . . . ?

Cicada by Sarah Claggett

. . . that a cicada can chirp so loudly you can hear it from half a mile away. When they are larva, cicadas suck juice from tree roots; the adult cicada, however, lives in trees. Adults live for thirty to forty days, but once the female cicada comes above ground, she mates, lays her eggs, and dies.

Drawing by Sarah Claggett '08

Faculty Spotlight

Michael Glaser

Michael Glaser, professor emeritus Poet Laureate of Maryland

The River

From a bend in the road we first saw the river
Where we would sunbathe, study, learn to wait
      For crabs to grab the bait
Ideas to grab our minds. Sailboats point always
To the wind, the river gives us strength, renews,
      We begin and then begin again.
                            . . .
Here at this place of beginnings, we leave
      Shadows on the nurturing shore,
      This bend in our lives, St. Mary's

The River, the nurturing shore.


Steering Committee | Affiliated Faculty

Faculty affiliated with the Environmental Studies Program maintain their offices in the departments of their primary disciplines: Biology, Economics, Philosophy, English, etc. They teach courses in their field as well as courses that are crosslisted with Environmental Studies. Regularly, ENST courses also fulfill core or departmental requirements.

Environmental Studies is administered by a steering committee of faculty from diverse disciplines, one of whom serves as coordinator for the program. In the information provided below, steering committee members are identified as is the home department for each associated faculty member.

Steering Committee

Kate Chandler Kate Chandler
Office: Montgomery Hall 10A
Phone: (240) 895-4428
Email: krchandler@smcm.edu
Leah Eller Leah Eller
Office: Goodpaster Hall 225
Phone: (240) 895-4352
Email: lreller@smcm.edu
Billy Friebele Billy Friebele
Art and Art History
Office: Montgomery Hall 142
Phone: (240) 895-2164
Email: wefriebele@smcm.edu
Amy Henderson Amy Henderson
Office: Kent Hall 142
Phone: (240) 895-2256
Email: abhenderson@smcm.edu
Sue Johnson

Sue Johnson
Art and Art History
Office: Montgomery Hall 140
Phone: (240) 895-4250
Email: srjohnson@smcm.edu

Emily Rauschert
Emily Rauschert
Office: Schaefer Hall 127
Phone: (240) 895-4365
Email: erauschert@smcm.edu
Bill Williams Bill Williams Program Coordinator
Professor of Biology, Emeritus
Office: Schaefer Hall 260
Phone: (240) 895-4373
Email: wewilliams@smcm.edu
Jennifer Wright Jennifer Wright
Learning Technology Support Coordinator, Geophysicist
Office: Glendening Annex 191
Phone: (240) 895-4192
Email: jcwright@smcm.edu

Affiliated Faculty


Iris Ford

Phone: (240) 895-4554

Email: icford@smcm.edu

Julie King

Phone: (240) 895-4398

Email: jking@smcm.edu

Bill Roberts

Phone: (240) 895-4387

Email: wcroberts@smcm.edu



Holly Gorton

Phone: (240) 895-4204

Email: hlgorton@smcm.edu

Walter Hatch

Phone: (240) 895-4368

Email: wihatch@smcm.edu

Bob Paul

Phone: (240) 895-4211

Email: rwpaul@smcm.edu

Jordan Price

Phone: (240) 895- 2058

Email: jjprice@smcm.edu

John Ramcharitar

Phone: (240) 895-2098

Email: juramcharitar@smcm.edu

Chris Tanner

Phone: (240) 895-4374

Email: cetanner@smcm.edu

Jackie Takacs

Watershed Restoration Specialist 

University of Maryland Sea Grant Extension Program,
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Phone: (410) 474-3695

Email: takacs@mdsg.umd.edu



Al Hovland

Phone: (240) 895-4354

Email: akhovland@smcm.edu

Andy Koch

Phone: (240) 895-4905

Email: askoch@smcm.edu

Randy Larsen

Phone: (240) 895-4597

Email: rklarsen@smcm.edu


Karen Anderson

phone: (240) 895-2107

Email: klanderson@smcm.edu

Robin Bates

Phone: (240) 895-4852

Email: rrbates@smcm.edu

Jennifer Cognard-Black
Phone:  (240) 895-4233
Email: jcognard@smcm.edu

Jerry Gabriel

Phone: (240) 895-4236

Email: gdgabriel@smcm.edu


Michael Taber

Phone: (240) 895-4900

Email: mstaber@smcm.edu


Helen Daugherty

Phone: (240) 895-4396

Email: hgdaugherty@smcm.edu

Theater, Film and Media Studies

Joanne Klein

Phone: (240) 895-4251

Email: jrklein@smcm.edu

Merideth Taylor

Phone: (240) 895-4237

Email: mmtaylor@smcm.edu