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Wild Strawberries by Liz Black

. . . that during her work on her SMP, Rosemary Hartman found a use for invasive plants she located on campus: she ate them.  Her homemade jam was a favorite among her townhouse roommates, but her Phragmites crackers took several attempts to perfect.

Painting by Elizabeth Black '08

St. Mary's Project Spotlight

Island Living

“This collection of essays shows an exploratory journey in which I come to recognize my anxious love of Kent Island, my home for 21 years. Apart from being an aid to my personal understanding of my island, these essays serve to help others recognize why islands hold an undeniable mystique in our minds. Themes of seclusion, boundaries, barriers, and the role of knowing the space around you are all explored as reasons “islandness” connotes safety, comfort and retreat from the everyday world.” Alexis Pogonowski



EcoHouse students endeavor to live sustainably in the space provided by the college to demonstrate that sustainable living can happen anywhere, even in campus housing. Members of the EcoHouse also spearhead efforts across campus that encourage responsible ecological living.

As Joanna Gibson, one EcoHouse resident, describes their aim: "We are dedicated to learning, which includes educating ourselves, and we try to be aware of the consequences of our decisions as consumers and as residents of the earth. We also try to share this awareness with the community."

In addition to such practices as lowering electric and water usage, composting, and using green cleaning supplies, EcoHouse students purchase food locally and, when practical, in bulk. As another resident pointed out, "we also use our own energy to get to classes and jobs."

Creating lobby displays, gathering seeds of native plants and trees, informing about ecological study abroad options, participating in clean-ups, and helping to organize the "Focus the Nation" climate change educational initiative are some of the activities of the previous year.

A goal for the current year is to offer to other students more personal-scale educational opportunities. Several options being considered are making jam from fruits found on campus, planting and maintaining the community garden, and attempting couples acrobatics--all ways in which to sustain healthy bodies.