Books that Cook
Professor of English Jennifer Cognard-Black's new book, Books that Cook: The Making of a Literary Meal, is being published by NYU Press this August.

Michael Glaser’s SMPs

While there are many areas in which Michael Glaser enjoys working, he is most keenly interested in working with students who wish to use their senior project as a capstone experience, ie., a means whereby they can explore and test what they have learned and the skills they have gained in an effort to produce a final piece of written work that gives voice to those values and understandings that their four years of living "the examined life" of their liberal arts education have led them to believe are the things that matter most to them. As stories, poetry, memoir, scholarship or a collection of any or all, the aim of "giving voice to" is the core that currently most captivates Glaser's attention.

"Long-Tailed Cat," Peter Devlin (2007)

"Sanity is Overrated," Jike Gudger (2007)

"Breakthrough: Poems on Loss," Erin Hardy (2007)

"At the Edge of the Forest," Stephanie Lucas (2007)

"Aubrey Mayer," Aubrey Mayer (2007)

"Let's go swinging: a poetic romp through the fields of play," Brendan O'Donnel (2007)

"My British Tour Diary," Monica Cavanaugh (2006)

"Searching for Intimacy," Amanda Moles (2006)

"Glancing Sideways at God," Logan Rosenberg (2006)

"Poems," Chirstopher Toft (2005)

"Picture with a Monk," Darren Frank (2005)

"Explore, express, expand: yoga and journaling for youth development," Rita McDermott (2005)

"Men on this train make me nervous: a collection of poetry," Christine Penny (2005)

"Tangible word: visual poetry in public spaces," Cheryl Quimba (2005)

"Stepping into the Light," Marina Sanchez (2005)

"Role-Playing Game," Joshua Taylor (2005)

"Creative Writing Portfolio," Katherine Dutton (2001)

"Collection of Writings," Julie Nanavati (2000)

"Sin that Led to God [poems]," Genevieve Ryan (2000)

"Memoir of a Biracial Woman," Yvonne Heffernan (2000)

"TV Ratings: A Study," Margaret Curtiss (2000)

[Untitled Novel], Nicole Zezzo (1999)

"Writing What You Know: A Study in the Creative Writing Process and the Art of Crafting the Short Story," Melinda Murphy (1999)

"Imagist Poetry," Jeanine Perry (1999)

"Those Are Pearls That Were His Eyes: A Study of the Influences of F.H. Bradley on the Theory and Poetry of T.S. Eliot," Gregory Lee (1999)

[Untitled Novel], Kevin Shannon (1998)

Emerald Throne [Novel], Michael Lummis (1998)