Books that Cook
Professor of English Jennifer Cognard-Black's new book, Books that Cook: The Making of a Literary Meal, is being published by NYU Press this August.

Kate Chandler’s SMPs

"A Sojourner in Sustainable Life: Approaching Sustainability through Research and Practice," Emma Reisinger (2012)

"Read the Pictures, See the Words: The Creation of a Children's Book," Laura Hausheer (2012) 

"Restlessness and the Journey: An Analysis of American Mythology and Psyche," Luke Huffman (2011)

"Order/Chaos, Interdependence/Impermanence: Nature and Buddhism as a Farang's Guide in Thailand," Samantha Dockrey (2011)

“The Tale of Daniel McGregor,” Kyle Williams (2009)

"Consumer’s guide to opting out," Meredith Epstein (2008)

"The Role of Rabbit Realism in Watership Down," Hannah Perrin (2008)

"Failure of adventure in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," Tucker Grube-O’Brien (2007)

"The ‘Fallen Angel': Victorians’ Love or Hate?," Katie Gunther (2006)

"Island Living: An Exploration of Kent Island Community," Alexis Pogonowski (2006)

"The Alleys of Italy, the Castles of Germany, the Shores of Southern France, and the Women of Spain: Vignettes on the Subtleties of Culture that Combine to Create European Ambiance," Meriah Burke-Raines (2005)

"Poolesville: A Bump in the Road (historical, biographical, and cultural essays on what shapes a town)," Tom Evans (2005)

"Eco-Tour of St. Mary’s Campus," Noel Samoraj (2005)

"The Old with the New: Combining Classic and Popular Literary Genres in Short Story Form," James Bruland (2004)

"A St. Mary’s County Almanac," Dana Christianson (2004)

"Silent Echoes: Women and Nature in the Works of Maria Luisa Bombal, Kate Chopin, Teresa de la Parra, and Eudora Welty," Elizabeth Painter (2004)

"Natural Occurrences," [creative non-fiction], Karla Toper (2004)

"Sunrise Fireflies: Reflections of Animal Behavior," Jessica Maggio (2003)

"What Walking Can Tell Us: The Connection Between Ourselves and the Earth," Jessica Geoghegan (1999)

"Why Do You Look Away? A Leap into the Image," [a collection of short stories and photographs], Eric Lawrence (1999)

"The Ecological History and Environmental Effects of Domestic Swine in St. Mary's County: 1660-1750," Emily Grimes (1998) [English/Biology: co-mentored with Bob Paul]