Books that Cook
Professor of English Jennifer Cognard-Black's new book, Books that Cook: The Making of a Literary Meal, is being published by NYU Press this August.

Robin Bates’ SMPs

I'm most interested in supervising academic St. Mary's Projects concerned with fiction or film. For literature SMPs, I have supervised studies dealing with both classic and contemporary writers: Daniel Defoe, Anne Radcliffe, Jane Austen, Margaret Atwood, Tom Robbins, and Sylvia Plath. For film, I have had students write about (among other topics) the gangster film, the musical, 1950's science fiction film, the Vietnam film, the action adventure film, star iconography, and others. I am also interested in supervising SMPs that cross disciplinary lines (particularly with history, psychology, and philosophy) and with hybrid projects that move between reflective autobiographical writing and scholarship.

"Just Like Harry: Identity Formation in the Harry Potter Series and its Readers," Katherine (Katie) Brown (2013)

"Torn by Guilt: White Liberals in Civil Rights Era Literature" Wick Eisenberg (2013)

"Walking a Tightrope: Jane Austen's Balancing Act of Femininity and Authorship," Caroline Zerhusen (2013)

"Facing the Gargoyle: How Studying Grief and a Gail Godwin Novel Provided  Strength in a Time of Crisis" Erica Rutkai (2012)

"Desperate Journey in the Devil's Wasteland: Using the Faust Myth to Build Self Worth in the Face of Death" Caitlin Harrigan (2012)

"Not All Scars are Lightning-Shaped: How Harry Potter and Alyosha Karamazov Overcame the Oedipus Complex" Evan Roe (2012)

"This is a 'True Story': Mapping the Cognitive Growth of Child, Adolescent and Adult Readers of Metafiction," Stefanie Carol Esworthy (2008)

"Depictions of Child Brutalization in Invisible Children, City of God, and Blood Diamond: The Effectiveness of Different Film Genres in Raising Social Awareness," Kathleen Ashley Kang (2008)

"Can Passion Be Selected? How the Camelot Love Triangle Has Evolved in Arthurian Film," Alyssa Eve Nayyar (2008)

"Geometrical figures, figurative language : use of mathematical concepts in Edwin A. Abbott's Flatland, Ellen Maddow's Delicious Rivers, and Tom Stoppard's Acadia," Daniel Blair (2007)

"Claim your curves! Latina adolescents struggling to form stable identities in literature and film," Nellie DeLeon (2007)

"How to avoid monstrous adulthood : Stephen King’s It as instruction manual for tapping into the power of childhood," Marguerite Kates (2007)

"Wonders of the glass slipper: a fantasy for the oppressed," Kelley Regan (2007)

"Sylvia Plath’s Journey to Suicide," Stephanie Clark (2004)

"Transgressive Women in the American Show Musical," Michelle Darling (2004)

"Depiction of Women in Vietnam Films," Emily Gilbert (2004)

"Bradd Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Edward Norton as Icons for Late Consumer Capitalism," Patrick White (2004)

"The Modern Gangster Film: An Allegory about the Corrosive Impact of Capitalism on the American Family," Mary Korrine DeLaney (2003)

"Coming of Age in a Mental Institution: The Bell Jar, Girl Interrupted, and I Never Promised You a Rose Garden," Carly Forton (2003)

"Place in Camelot: The Role of the Feminine Arthurian Legend," Melissa Brown (2002)

"Cinematic Parables of the Postmodern Male Identity Crisis: Unbreakable, Fight Club, Memento," Andrew Toussaint (2002)

College Life: Prototype of a Magazine for the Modern College Woman, Nia Davis (2001)

[Untitled Novel], Keith Robertson (2001)

"Bringing a Novel to the Stage: Briar Rose, a Play Based on the Novel by Jane Yolen," Heather Jackson (2000)

"Snake in the grass: Apartheid Resistance Drama in Struggle for South African Liberation," Dyani Payne (2000)

"The Act of Reading within Jane Austen’s novels: A Study into the Temptation of Comfort and the Triumph of Personal Growth," Errin Roby (2000)

Dynamics of "Wow, Yuck, & Hmm. . .": The Impact of Movies on Our Lives," Karen M. Beck (2000)

"Tom Robbins: A Philosopher and a Comic," Jennifer Smith (1999)

"Struggling against an Idealized Femininity: Two Novels by Margaret Atwood," Kimberly DeBoy (1999)

"The Role of Ethnicity in Reader Identification," Eleanor Hunt (1999)

"What I Call Myself: The Crisis of the Eighteenth-Century Identity in Hume and Defoe," Jennifer Sweeney (1998)

"The Cold War and Science Fiction Films," Nick Novak (1998)

"The Drama of Rationality and Sensibility: The Mysteries of Udolpho and Late-Eighteenth-Century Gothic," Karie Lew (1998)