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2015 MAT Graduation

  • Saturday, June 6, 2014
  • 11:00 am 
  • Athletics and Recreation Center (ARC)

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Credentialing and Licensing 

Basic Skills (Praxis I, SAT, GRE, or ACT)

The Department of Educational Studies requires that all candidates applying to the M.A.T. program have qualifying scores from either the SAT (1100), ACT, GRE, or PRAXIS I.  Please use the following link for more information about taking PRAXIS I if you do not have the required SAT scores.

Academic Skills Assessment (Link to Maryland State Department of Education website)

Praxis II Information

The Department of Educational Studies recommends that all those who have been admitted to the M.A.T. program take the PRAXIS II CONTENT prior to entering the program in July.  The CONTENT exam is a review of the material candidates learned in their SMCM major.

Praxis II Content Area Assessments (Link to Maryland State Department of Education website - includes Licensure Area, Test Required, Test Code and MD Score)

Out of State Certification Requirements

Information about each state's willingness to accept certification from other states.

The NASDTEC Interstate Agreement Facilitating Mobility of Educational Personnel (Link to National Association of State Directors Teacher Education and Certification website)

Information on the certification requirements of individual states

50 States' Certification Requirements (Link to University of Kentucky College of Education)