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2015 MAT Graduation

  • Saturday, June 6, 2014
  • 11:00 am 
  • Athletics and Recreation Center (ARC)

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Minor in Educational Studies

The minor in Educational Studies includes six (6) courses that offer a basic knowledge of many elements of the teaching and learning process. Though these courses represent most of prerequisite courses for the MAT program, this minor is also recommended for students who are interested in pursuing careers related to education, but do not necessarily plan to teach in K-12 settings.

The courses within the minor may be completed in any order, though it is important to acknowledge that some of the courses have prerequisites. Note that EDUC/PSYC 368 is a prerequisite for admission to EDUC 491. For students who are interested in education, but are not planning to apply for the MAT program or teacher certification, it is possible to petition for course substitutions for a portion of the requirements. Please contact the department chair for additional information about this process.

Undergraduate courses in Educational Studies


EdStudies Minor and MAT Application

The minor in Educational Studies is required for students who wish to pursue the MAT program at St. Mary's; however, the successful completion of this minor does not guarantee that a student will be admitted to the program, as there are other prerequisites that need also be met.

Students who are considering the MAT should meet with their SMCM academic advisor and/or an Educational Studies advisor about course selection. For a complete list of these courses, please review our Advising Resources. Additional information about the St. Mary's course equivalencies for St. Mary's Educational Studies courses and the MAT, please contact the department chair, Dr. Katy Arnett

Students who transfer three or more of the courses from outside institutions are not eligible to earn this minor, but they are not excluded from or otherwise placed at a disadvantage for applying to the MAT program. Students who transfer one or two courses that are not awarded the same credit equivalencies as the comparable St. Mary's courses do need to make up these credits to earn the minor by taking other education-related undergraduate courses; this may include education courses not listed in the minor.