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2015 MAT Graduation

  • Saturday, June 6, 2014
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  • Athletics and Recreation Center (ARC)

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Volume 1 Summer 2008


In this first volume, you will find examples of classic action research—in which teachers identify and try to solve problems affecting their classroom.  For example, you can read about a chemistry teacher who wanted to figure out what kinds of labs worked best for her students with special needs, and a Spanish teacher interested in increasing her students’ motivations.  You will also find projects where teachers explored the lives of their students to deepen their own teaching practices, including a case study of a puzzling second grader and a report on English language learners in math class.  You will read about the results of trying out new teaching strategies, including literature circles and an interdisciplinary unit combining art and social studies.  Finally, you will find projects where teachers explored questions of their own about children, teaching, culture and philosophy.

Math, Science and Environmental Science

Jessica M. Baker, Implementation of Best Practices for Students with Special Needs in Science

Jessica E. Jolliffe, Who’s Being Left Behind?  Encouraging The Success of Low Socioeconomic Students in Science 

Ashley Fussell, Benefits of Environmental Education: Fourth Graders’ Attitudes Towards the Environment

Melissa A. Puzak, The Educational Experience of English Language Learners in Secondary Mathematics

Kendra Hildreth, A Practical Guide to Studying and Test Taking in Mathematics Class

Gabrielle M. Sivak, Combining Teaching Techniques to Improve Mathematical Development in Students

The Fine Arts and the Art of Relaxation

Paul Christian, Why Teach Music? A Personal Philosophical Inquiry and Examination of Music Education in Southern Maryland

Jeannie Monico, Art Assessment and the Artistic Process

Clare D. McLean, Implementing Effective Arts Integration

Barry C. Erb, Music Scales and the Middle School Musician

Vanessa Vizcarrondo, The Art of Relaxation

Language, Literature and Motivation

Jaclyn M. Sumner, Do Literature Circle Discussions Improve Comprehension Levels in Writing Samples?

Kelly LaRose, Opening Doors: Unearthing Multicultural Literature for the Social Studies Classroom

Amanda Alonso-Valenteen, Between Two Worlds: English Language Learners and English as a Second Language Programs

Sharlitta Myrick, Motivating Students of Spanish

Melissa K. Molitor, Bringing Grammar Back

Derek D. Willard, Motivating the Student

Engaging Students in the Elementary Grades

Samantha Elizabeth Parisi, Self-Concept and Academic Achievement in Early Childhood

Katherine H. Barnes, A Reflective Case Study: A Young Teacher’s Experience with an At-Risk Student

Michelle A. Mason, My Dog Ate My Homework: Multiple Perspectives on Homework

Cali M. Chase, Children’s Play: The Construction of Gender Roles

Shannon Williams, Class Wide Peer Tutoring: Does it work for girls? For boys?