What can you do with an Economics major?

A major in economics offers diverse career opportunities. Graduates of St. Mary’s leave with the education, experience, and ambition to begin professional careers in any number of fields or to pursue further study. Having developed the skills necessary to succeed in today's world, St. Mary’s graduates realize that their educational experience is just part of a lifelong learning process

Employment Opportunities

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

The economic research assistant position within the Division of Insurance and Research at the FDIC is a two-year position, with optional 1 or 2 year extensions. Qualified candidates are economics majors with GPAs above 3.5 who have taken econometrics. To apply, please contact Krista Hughes at krhughes@fdic.gov.

Economic Assistants (PDF)

FederalReserve - Research Assistants

Federal Reserve - Research Position

Fulbright Fellowships

2004-2005 Fulbright Fellowships in Business and Economics - Information and Contact (PDF)

Internship Opportunities

U.S. Dept. of Justice - Paid Internships (PDF)

Federal Reserve - Career Opportunities 

Paid DC Internships - 2003 Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program

Live, Learn, & Intern - DC Internships

Live, Learn, & Serve - The Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary service

Summer Policy Internship Program - Atlanta

American Institute for Economic Research - Summer Fellowships

FREE Globalization Seminar