The St. Mary’s Project is not required for the major in Economics. However, many of our students choose to do a St. Mary’s project, often building on research they had completed in their previous economics courses.

Considering doing a St. Mary’s project in Economics? - It’s never too soon to begin thinking of topics. Take a look at what other students have done!

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St. Mary's Project Archives 

2012-2013 St. Mary's Projects

Alex Cole: "Factors Leading to the Decline of Foreign Market Share in China's Wind Energy Sector" (Mentor: Michael Ye)

Chris Davies: "U.S. and Chinese Exchange Rate Relations: An Analysis of An Undervalued Currency" (Mentor: Jia Xu)

Amy Eaton: Ocean Wave Energy Conversion: The Latest in Renewable Energy" (Mentor: Amy Henderson)

Temi Fadeyi: "Determinants of Box Office Success for Recent American Films" (Mentor: Barabara Beliveau)

Charles Fiertz: "The Urban Informal Economy in Developing Countries: Causes, Consequences, and Recommendations" (Mentor: Andy Kozak)

Monica Gillis: "The Effectiveness of Microfinance vis-a-vis Cash Transfers in Reducing Rural Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa" (Mentor: Asif Dowla)

Beth Handy: "Regression Analysis: Revealing the Truth Behind College Wide Receiver Stats" (Mentor: Don Stabile)

Robb Kirchner: "Is Salt Water the Way of the Future: An Examination of Dual Pipe Water Systems" (Mentor: Amy Henderson)

Natalie Neil: "Left Out in the Cold: Fuel Poverty and Financial Exclusion" (Mentor: Asif Dowla)

Daniel Savelle: "Test Tube Social Science: From Nomads to Civilizations" (Mentor: Shizuka Nishikawa)

Emily Wavering: "There's No Place Like Home: An Econometric Examination of Foreclosure and Homelessness in California, 2003-2010" (Mentor: Andy Kozak)

2011-2012 St. Mary's Projects 

Mitra Brown: "21st Century Defense Acquisitions" (Mentor: Russell Rhine)

Camille Campanella: "Crouching Farmer, Hidden Dragon: How China's Economic Growth has Affected the Argentine Economy" (Mentor: Alan Dillingham) 

Bridget McGovern: "Matching Theory and Market Design: Creating a Better Market and Assignment for Economics Courses" (Mentor: Barbara Beliveau)

Brian Payne: "Causes of the 2008 Financial Crisis: Perverse Incentive and Self-Regulation" (Mentor: Barbara Beliveau)

Christopher Robinson: "St. Mary's College of Maryland Application Change as a Result of Business Cycle Factors" (Mentor: Russell Rhine)

Bryson Shibe: "Flailing Dragon: An Examination into the Economic Stability of the Peoples Republic of China" (Mentor: Michael Ye)

Couper Turkewitz: "Economic Integration as a Predictive Tool for Warfare" (Mentor: Bert Ifill) 

2010-2011 St. Mary's Projects

Bunleng Say: "Impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on the Pharmaceutical Industry" (Mentor: Michael Ye)

2009-2010 St. Mary's Projects

Jonathan Gill: "Salary Caps in Professional Sports: To Cap or Not to Cap?" (Mentor: Ranajoy Ray-Chaudhuri)

Yu Jing Lin: "Acupuncture in Economics" (Mentor: Donald R. Stabile)

2008-2009 St. Mary's Projects

Jacob Eikenberg: "Getting the Most Out of a Million Dollar Man: A Study of Professional Baseball Players" (Mentor: Barbara Beliveau)

Mary Patton: "Bound Heroes: A Statistical Analysis of Erotic Bondage in Disney's Animated Classics" (Mentor: Barbara Beliveau)

Jeremy Rockler: "Adapting to Climate Change: Ethics and Economics (Mentor: Asif Dowla)

Iben Kira Ricket: "Ecology of Poverty and HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa" (Mentor: Asif Dowla)

Tristan St. Onge: "Impact of Military Expansion on Housing Prices in St. Mary's County, Maryland" (Mentor: Michael Ye)

Maureen Thompson: "Underground Economies: How They Help Us While Hurting Us, and What We Can Do to Soften the Blow" (Mentor: Donald Stabile)

2007-2008 St. Mary's Projects

Rachel Avrick: "Microfinance in China: A Sinkhole or a Solution?" (Mentor: Asif Dowla) 

Michael Brown: "Blowing Bubbles: The Boom and Bust of Maryland's Housing Market" (Mentor: Barbara Beliveau)

Samantha Clark: "Making Housing Affordable: Public and Private Partnerships: An Evaluation"; (Mentor: Andy Kozak)

Jean Folsom: "United States Sentencing Reform" (Mentor: Allan Dillingham)

Erin Marzoli: "The Impact of Immigration on Wages: Theory and Facts" (Mentor: Andy Kozak)

Jamie Morganstern: "A Torturous Tango: Argentina and the IMF" (Mentor: Asif Dowla)

Ian Murphy: "An Evaluation of the Several Aspects of Historical St. Mary's City under the 1991 Plan" (Mentor: Michael Ye)