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Courtney Dunn, '16
Barry Montgomery, '16 
Mayumy Rivera-González, '16 


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Courtney Dunn, of Preston, Maryland,
Barry Montgomery, of Baltimore, Maryland, and
Mayumy Rivera-González, of Baltimore, Maryland, are three exceptional Scholars who achieved outstanding academic success in their first year at St. Mary's. They are among 17 Scholars who this year achieved a B average or better in their very first semester of college -- no small feat in an honors curriculum. Courtney earned a 4.0 GPA. Mayumy made the Dean's List. All three share a few secrets of their success.


What high school did you attend?
Courtney: Colonel Richardson High School in Caroline County
Barry: Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School in Baltimore
Mayumy: Patterson High School in Baltimore 

To what do you attribute your first-year success?
I have had a lot of support from my home family and DB family that let me know that, yes, the struggle is real, but that it is oh so worth it in the end. 
I attribute my success mostly to my mother and aunt for being so supportive and just helping me in every way possible, even when I did not have the strength to continue on my own.
Mayumy: The reason I succeeded in my first year was all of the extra effort I put into my classes and to also be part of the campus life. I have made a lot of friends in just one year, and I feel like if I could survive my first year, I am capable of finishing my four years at SMCM. My mother and teachers from high school have also been part of my success this year. I appreciate all of their support and the support from those who I always asked for help.

What was the biggest challenge you faced, and how did you overcome it to be successful?
Courtney: I have struggled with maintaining confidence in myself all semester, and, in fact, my whole life. But I finally came to the understanding, once again thanks to DB, that I would not be here at college and doing well if I did not have the ability to succeed! This new gained confidence has helped me complete assignments with less stress and more positivity; I also know that my mistakes are not mountains blocking my way, but small lessons to be taken and learned from.
Barry: I think my biggest challenge was adapting to being on my own, and being so far away from my home and having to really make choices on my own. I basically spent most of my time studying, constantly learning new things and focusing on the opportunities that a young man like myself had been given to better myself and allow the most positive outcomes from my work. 
Mayumy: One of the biggest challenges I faced during my first semester was having to adjust to a new environment. Being far away from home, family, and old friends was difficult in the beginning but once I got to know people and DB scholars as well, I began to feel comfortable and happy to be on this campus. I appreciate DB mentors who helped me every time I needed someone to be there for me. DB is definitely my family! 

What advice would you offer next year’s incoming DB Scholars?
Courtney: TIME MANAGEMENT! I have always been diligent about getting my work done on time, if not early, and this reduces your level of stress immensely; you then have more time to relax on the weekends, and to truly enjoy and take advantage of our beautiful location! Also, I know how intimidating this new world of college can be, but don't let it stop you from pursuing your dreams, because you would not be here if you were not capable of success!
Barry: My advice would be to just listen to the mentors, come to the campus with an open mind, BE YOURSELF, make your education a priority, ask for help if you need help (because things can get tough, but it's up to you to take the right road), and make the right choices. 
Mayumy: I would advise them to ALWAYS try to be part of the DB social activities and campus events. Take advantage of the Summer Bridge program and try their best to become friends with the rest of the DBers, because honestly everyone in the DB program is just awesome!! Talk to your mentors! You can definitely trust them! To me, my mentors are like my older siblings, and they are just amazing people that can guide you through your first year of college. 

Our most heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to all 28 first-year DeSousa-Brent Scholars for finishing strong this year. You are all amazing!
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