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World Carnival 2010

Mocktail Friday 
Fri, Apr 4
5:00 p.m.
Aldom Lounge

Campus Leaders

Featured Scholar

DeSousa-Brent Scholars excel in the classroom and beyond.


Promoting Inclusiveness

Historic St. Mary's City

Scholars host annual visits to high schools and community centers in Maryland and Washington, DC, to promote St. Mary's to talented high school students.




Mocktail Friday
Friday, April 4, 5:00-7:00 p.m., Aldom Lounge
Come and relax with friends! 




February 7: Lunar New Year Celebration!

February 7: "Race, Education, and America's Future."  Lecture by Prof. Lawrence Blum, U Mass-Boston 

January 20: DB Retreat: "DREAM to SUCCEED!"

December 13: End-of-Semester Party

December 13: Core Fall Festival

December 6: MAPP/BSU Holiday Dinner

November 15: "Expression, Racial Identity, and Empowering One's Voice" with Prof. Leonard Cruz

November 8: "Feeling Overwhelmed?" Rap Session and Pizza Party

November 5: McNair Scholars Program Presentation

November 5: Career Development Center Grad School Panel

November 1: Mocktail Friday!

October 28: Bladensburg High School Campus Visit

October 26: Trip to Historic London Town, MD

October 21: MAPP Workshop -- Small School, Small Minds: The Do's and Don'ts of Social Networking

October 19: Trip to Jefferson's Monticello

October 18: MAPP Workshop: Prezi Presentations

October 17: Leadership Project Work Session

October 9: Faculty Talk: Baboucarr Jallow, Gambia PEACE Program

October 4: Mocktail Friday!

October 2: Upper Division Transition Workshop for Juniors

September 12: MAPP Time Management Workshop

September 11: Welcome Back Reception

September 7: MAPP Cook-Out

August 30: Welcome Reception for Class of 2017

July 14-27: DeSousa-Brent Summer Bridge 2013

July 12: St. Mary's Undergraduate Summer Research Conference


April 19: Annual DB Recognition Ceremony

April 17: Strategic Visioning for DeSousa-Brent's Future!

February 16: Summer Research Experience Presentation

October 26: McNair Fellows Information Session

August 25: MAPP Kick-Off

August 24: Welcome Reception for First-Year Scholars

July 15-28: DeSousa-Brent Summer Bridge 2012

July 13: St. Mary's Undergraduate Summer Research Conference



May 2: Graduation Party and Year-End Celebration

Apr 28 & 29: Enough Speculating! What SMCM Really Thinks about Diversity -- Documentary premiere and discussion

Apr 13: Faces of Fashion (Diversity Fashion Show)

Apr 13: Variations of Hair (Discussion)

Mar 6: The Liberal Arts Job Search, Step-by-Step

Mar 6: Make Your Résumé STAND OUT!

Mar 5: The Intern Panel

March 2: DB First-Years All-Hands Meeting

February 23: DB Sophomores: Tracking Credits to 2014

February 3: DB First-Years All-Hands Meeting

January 12-14: Bookbag to Briefcase!

December 9: Let's Get Together

November 20: MAPP Thanksgiving Dinner

November 16: Preppin' for Grad School Follow-Up (DB Jrs. & Srs)

November 4: DB First Years! Let's Get Together!

October 27: DB Sophomores: Live More!

October 26: DB Jrs. & Srs: Preppin' for Grad School

October 20: Dr. Click's Writing Workshop

October 7: MAPP Pizza Party

September 28: What's Next?!!! Workshop on the Upper-Division Transition for Juniors

September 28: What's Next?!!! Career and Life Planning for Juniors and Seniors

September 23: Divided We Fall: Americans in the Aftermath -- Screening and Discussion with Director Valerie Kaur

September 21: Lecture & Dinner with Collectors of African-American Art, Robert & Jean Steele

September 15: McNair Scholars Information Session with Dr. Terri Wright, Director

September 14 & 15: Film: Divided We Fall: Americans in the Aftermath

September 2: FOCUS! Manage Your Study Time

August 28: MAPP Kick-Off Meeting

August 27: Orientation Breakfast with DB Mentors

August 26: Welcome Reception for DB Class of 2015

July 28-30: DeSousa-Brent Summer Orientation



May 6: Graduation Party and Year-End Celebration

May 3: The DeSousa-Brent Scholars Program -- Documentary premiere and discussion

April 30: MAPP End-of-Year Cookout

April 29: E-Zine Launch: Ensemble

April 22: International Dance Party

April 21: MAPP Study Session

April 19: World of Religions -- Documentary premiere and discussion

April 18-20: Duct Tape Fundraiser and Raffle for Haiti

April 14: MAPP Culture Day: "Who Am I?"

April 13: We Are One! Discussion of prejudice

April 12-16: No Limits Room

March 28: This is ME! Discussion of adornment and identity

March 8 and 9: Tabling Fundraiser for Haiti

March 3: Film: Avatar -- Fundraiser for Haiti

March 3: MAPP: "March Madness" Writing Workshop

February 17: MAPP: "Get Your Life Together"

December 10: CORE Fall Festival!

December 4: MAPP Wrap-It-Up/ Secret Snowflake

November 21: MAPP Thanksgiving Dinner

November 11: MAPP Library Scavenger Hunt

October 14: MAPP Meet and Greet with Professors and Advisors

September 17: Welcome Back Reception w/ President Urgo

August 29: MAPP Kick-Off Meeting

August 27: Welcome reception

July 16-17: DeSousa-Brent summer orientation

July 13:  DeSousa-Brent Summer Research Program presentations



May 5: Graduation party and year-end celebration

May 5: Stereotypes! workshop

April 22: College Bound campus visit

April 24: Annual visit to Latin American Youth Centers in Silver Spring, MD, and Washington, DC

April 17: World Carnival! DeSousa-Brent world poetry showcase and Moksha Indian dance troupe performance

April 1: College Bound campus visit

November 13:  Campus visit by high school juniors and seniors from the Latin American Youth Center, Washington, DC



April 21: "Real Talk about St. Mary's" campus forum and panel discussion on religion, sexuality, and gender.  Cole Cinema, 7 p.m.

April 20: "Real Talk about St. Mary's" campus forum and panel discussion on race, class, and gender.  Cole Cinema, 7 p.m.

April 1-30: Series of panel discussions for Admissions Open Houses and campus visits by Baltimore City school students and College Bound.