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Minor Requirements

To successfully complete the cross-disciplinary minor in Democracy Studies, a student must satisfy the following requirements, designed to provide the depth and breadth of knowledge consistent with the goals of the field:

  1. General College requirements
  2. All requirements in a major field of study
  3. At least 22 credit hours in courses approved for Democracy Studies, with a grade of C- or higher, including:
    1. HIST 200 (U.S. History, 1776-1980) or HIST 276 (20th Century World) or POSC 262 (Introduction to Democratic Political Thought)
    2. Additional courses from three different disciplines cross-listed with Democracy Studies to total 12 credit hours. Eight of the credit hours must be at the 300-400 level.
    3. As part of a course of study, students must fulfill a senior Civic Engagement Seminar consisting of six credits. The seminar includes two credits of class time. Students must also take four additional credits of independent study, internship, or directed research, with the approval of the seminar instructor, that involves participation in civic affairs. This may include, but is not exclusive to, work with or research on local, state, and federal government, Historic St. Mary’s City, grassroots organizing, public affairs, media, non-governmental organizations, and international affairs that provide a glimpse into the workings of democratic society. (Students who plan to study abroad may enroll in this course prior to study abroad, or upon return, provided there is an action plan for the civic affairs component.)

Courses taken for the minor should form a cohesive program and be selected in consultation with a faculty adviser from Democracy Studies.

A complete list of approved current offerings will appear in the online “Schedule of Classes” for each semester. Regularly offered approved courses in Democracy Studies include the following:


HIST 200 American Civilization (4E)
HIST 219 Atlantic World Survey (4AF)
HIST 276 Twentieth-Century World (4AF)
HIST 317 In Our Times: 1945-Present (4AF)
HIST 324 Women in Modern Western History (4AS)
HIST 328 British History to 1688 (4AF)
HIST 329 British History Since 1688 (4AS)
HIST 334 Europe in War and Revolution (4F)
HIST 371 Rise of Modern America (4AS)
HIST 375 The American Revolution (4A)
HIST 379 Modern Latin American History Since 1820 (4AS)
HIST 381 History of Ancient Greece and the Hellenistic World (4AS)
HIST 382 History of the Roman Republic and Empire (4F)
HIST 384 Medieval Europe (4AF)
HIST 386 The Age of the French Revolution (4AF)
HIST 393 Topics in European History (DMST topics only)
HIST 394 Topics in Asian, African, and Latin American History (DMST topics only)
HIST 400 Comparative Slave Systems in the Americas (4AF)
HIST 415  Topics in U.S. History (4E)
HIST 431 Early American Political Thought (4A)
HIST 461  Gender in Latin American History (4AS)


POSC 201 American Politics (4E)
POSC 252 Comparative Politics (4E)
POSC 262  Introduction to Democratic Political Thought (4F)
POSC 266 Women and the Law (2F)
POSC 269 International Politics (4F)
POSC 303 Law, Courts and Judges (4AF)
POSC 312 State and Community Politics (4AS)
POSC 316 Religion and the U.S. Constitution (2S)
POSC 330 The United States Congress (4AF)
POSC 333 Asian Politics (4AF)
POSC 341 The American Presidency (4AS)
POSC 345 Politics of the Middle East (4AF)
POSC 348 Parties and Elections (4AF)
POSC 351 Constitutional Law I (4AF)
POSC 352 Constitutional Law II (4AS)
POSC 405 Democratization (4AS)
POSC 461 Studies in American Politics (4S)
POSC 462 Studies in Comparative Politics (DMST topics only)


SOCI 329 Sociology of War and Peace (4AF)
SOCI 341 Eastern European Societies (4AF)
SOCI 347 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (4AF)
SOCI 365 Social Stratification (4AS)


ANTH 313 African-American Colonial Culture (4AF)
ANTH 348  African-American Culture (4AS)


ARTH 450 Advanced Topics in Art Theory (DMST topics only)


ECON 363 Political Economy (4F)
ECON 372 Economics of Developing Countries (4AF)


ENGL 230 Literary Topics (DMST topics only) 
ENGL 350 Rhetoric of Politics (4A)
ENGL 365 Studies in American Literature (DMST topics only)
ENGL 390 Special Topics in Literature (DMST topics only)
ENGL 430 Special Topics in Literature (DMST topics only)


ILAS 200 Democracy in Latin America (4)
ILCS 365 Creating for Social Change (4)
ILCS 368 Construction of Nationalism and Cultural Identity (4)


MATH 131 Survey of Mathematics (DMST topics only)


MUST 301 Interpreting History to the Public (4F)


PHIL 410 Social and Political Philosophy (4A)


RELG 380 Topics in Religious Studies (DMST topics only)

Students may pursue a St. Mary’s Project in democracy studies with the permission of their major department and with the agreement of a participating faculty member in democracy studies. Project credit (eight hours) does not apply toward fulfillment of the requirements for the minor in democracy studies.



This course will provide students with an overview of the major issues of democratization. This two-credit course represents the capstone class for the minor in democracy studies. Concurrent with the class, students must be enrolled in four additional credits of independent study, internship, or directed research that involves participation in civic affairs. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.


This project, which takes many forms, draws on and extends knowledge, skills of analysis and creative achievement developed through previous academic work. The student initiates the project, identifies an area to be explored, and proposes a method of inquiry appropriate to the topic. The project should include a reflection on the social context, the body of literature, or the conceptual framework to which it is a contribution. It must be shared with the College community through posters, presentation, or other means. This course is repeatable up to eight credit hours. Pre- or co-requisite: Approval of faculty mentor, democracy studies coordinator, and the department chair(s) of the student’s major.

DMST 199, 299, 399, 499. INDEPENDENT STUDY (1-4E)

This course consists of an independent creative or research project designed by the student and supervised by a democracy studies faculty member. The nature of the project, the schedule for accomplishment, and the means of evaluation must be formalized in a learning contract prior to registration. (See “Independent Study” under “Academic Policies” section.)


A variety of off-campus experiential learning opportunities can be arranged through the Career Development Center. The off-campus internship is a individually designed experience that allows the student to explore the relationships between learning in the classroom and the practical application of knowledge in everyday work situations. Prerequisites: admission to the Internship Program and approval of the democracy studies coordinator. (See “Internships” under “Academic Policies” section.) Credit/No credit grading.