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Non-Standard ELAW Petitions

Students must get approval to use an Independent Study, Directed Research, or non-credit experience — or to combine several difference experiences — for ELAW credit. In all cases, the experiences used must earn the student at least 4 credits (or, for non-credit experiences, take at least 160 hours to complete). Please note that if even you successfully petition to use a non-credit experience to satisfy your ELAW requirement, you will not earn any additional numerical credits towards graduation.

An Independent Study (such as POSC399) or Directed Research (such as PSYC397) is arranged in cooperation with a sponsoring faculty member. You must make these arrangements before formally petitioning for ELAW credit, although you are encouraged to speak with the Associate Dean of Academic Services during your planning process.

A non-credit experience might include a Research Experience for Undergraduates summer program, an internship that you have not arranged through the Career Development Center, or a volunteer or paid opportunity that has a significant learning component.

In addition, it is sometimes possible to combine two experiences, such as a 2-credit study tour and a 2-credit Independent Study on a related topic — or two connected non-credit experiences of less than 160 hours — into a single ELAW experience.

During the school year, the Academic Policy Committee meets every other week to consider these (and other) petitions. Petitions submitted over the summer will be reviewed by a subcommittee on a case-by-case basis, pending the availability of committee members. Students will be notified by the Associate Dean of Academic Services when the Committee has reviewed the petition and will either be given the outcome of the Committee's deliberation in writing, or will be asked to provide further clarification or supporting data before a decision can be made.

To petition for a non-standard ELAW experience, please use the Google registration form linked below, which will lead you through the process of registering for Core350 and petitioning in one step. Your registration will only be processed if the petition is approved: