Class in session


I. Introduction to the Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Seminars

CORE101. The First Year Seminar
The First Year Seminar serves as the gateway course to the honors college. All students entering the College with 24 or fewer units of college credit (e.g., through transferred coursework, AP exam credit) will take CORE101. The Seminars will encourage students to engage deeply with an intellectual topic through exercising the four fundamental liberal arts skills (critical thinking, information literacy, written expression, and oral expression). Multiple sections of this course will focus on a wide variety of topics.

CORE301. Inquiry in the Liberal Arts
This course, designed just for students transferring in with more than 24 credits, will focus on the four fundamental liberal arts skills and emphasize their importance for a broad grounding in the liberal arts. 

II. International Language (one course beyond entering proficiency).

III. Liberal Arts Approaches to Understanding the World: Students will take one course in each of the six following areas.

  • Arts
  • Cultural Perspectives
  • Humanistic Foundations
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences with Laboratory
  • Social Sciences

IV. Experiencing the Liberal Arts in the World: Students may study abroad, do an internship, take a service or experiential learning course, or complete certain kinds of independent studies.