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CORE 350

No matter what experience they are using to satisfy their Experiencing the Liberal Arts in the World requirement—even if it involves registering for another class—students must enroll in CORE 350 (a zero-credit course) during the semester in which they engage in the experience.

Students cannot register themselves for CORE 350 through the Portal; instead, they must register using the linked google form by the end of the 4th week of the semester they are undertaking the experience. For summer experiences, students are encouraged to submit their forms as early as possible; any submissions past June 30 must be approved by the Associate Dean of Academic Services.

The registration form asks students to select one of nine sections of CORE 350, based on the type of experience they will be using to satisfy the requirement. Please note that some sections require students to petition the Academic Policy Committee for approval: merely turning in the CORE 350 registration form is not sufficient. If during the process of filling out the on-line registration form you select an option that requires a petition, you will automatically be guided through the petition process.

For more information, contact Dr. Ruth Feingold, Associate Dean of Academic Services at

All-in-one registration & petition form

Sample petition (so you can see what questions you'll be asked, and get a sense of how you might answer)