Students with Disabilities

Reasonable Accommodation
If you need reasonable accommodations for an interview or on the job it is important that you are proactive and work with human resources to meet your needs. Use this as an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to problem solve and work as part of a team.

For more information about Reasonable Accommodations please visit The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 

Disclosing Your Disability

There are no laws requiring the disclosure of a disability.  If your disability does not require accommodations, you have the option to disclose or not.  If you do disclose your disability, or if you require accommodations, which make your disability apparent to others, you should be comfortable discussing your disability and informing your managers and co-workers about how your disability may affect your ability to perform your job.  

Inappropriate Interview Questions

Not all hiring staff are familiar with what is and is not legal to ask during an interview.  As a result, you may come across illegal questions during your interview regarding your disability. For more information, review the ADA Enforcement Guidance document.

You may handle these questions by choosing not to answer.  The following response will suffice:  "Under the ADA, I do not have to answer that question."  If you do choose to answer the question, focus on your strengths and be positive in your response.

Job & Internship Databases

Federal Employment of People with Disabilities
This site from the US office of personnel management helps users understand federal disability hiring programs and provides important information about resources, accommodations, and laws.

Emerging Leaders Program
Competitive paid summer internship and leadership development opportunities for students with disabilities.

Provides job listings for people with disabilities; you must register and post your resume before you can access the job listings.