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Alumni Spotlight

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Biology SMP Presentations-2013

Monday, April 29: oral presentation all day. (Schaefer 106)
Tuesday, April 30: poster sessions in the morning (MPOARC) and oral presentations in the afternoon. (Schaefer 106)
Presentations are listed in order of date and time.

Oral Presentations, Monday, April 29 

Gorton – Session Coordinator

9:00 am- Victoria Jones (Hatch)- An examination of the effect of ocean acidification on the growth and bleaching of the hard coral, Galaxea fascicularis.

9:20- Victoria Eskay (Byrd)- The Differences Between Male and Female Athletes and Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears

9:40- Matthew McCullen (Myerowitz)- Cancer Stem Cells or Clonal Evolution: What Explains Cancer Cell Heterogeneity?

10:00- Elizabeth Lee (Paul)- Comparison of Substrates for St. Mary’s River Oyster Reef Restoration

 10:20- 10:40 BREAK

 Myerowitz -Session Coordinator

10:40 am– Rachel King (Myerowitz)- American Medicine and La Médecine de France: How Healthcare Systems Affect Patient Outcomes

11:00- Shannon Tarr (Tanner)- Combined lethal effects posed by disease and heavy metals in oysters

11:20- Cecilia Blanc (Price)- The Darwinian Paradox: The Evolution of Homosexuality

11:40- Brodie Morris (Emerson)- A Genomic Comparison of Vitellogenin Genes between Anautogenous, Autogenous, and Non-Hematophagic Mosquitoes

12:00-2:00 – BREAK

Rauschert- Session Coordinator

2:20- Mark Lehtonen (Price)- An Investigation of Orientation Cues in the Littoral Isopod Ligia exotica

2:40- Hannah Coe (Tanner)- Beyond spat: Faunal colonization of oyster reef restoration materials

3:00- YiFan Wu (Myerowitz)- A Comparison of the Efficacy of Two Electrolytes Used in Peritoneal Dialysis - Is Dextrose or Icodextrin the Better Option?

3:20-3:40 BREAK

Paul-Session Coordinator

3:40- Cara Simpson (Rauschert)- Modeling blue crab (Callinectus sapidus) growth in the Chesapeake Bay

 4:00- Julie Walker (Tanner) - Seagrass the Solution?  Effect of Eelgrass on Juvenile Eastern Oyster Biomineralization

4:20- Christopher McCaffery (Hatch)- The effects of serotonin on crayfish agonistic encounters based on hierarchical rank

Poster Presentations, Tuesday, April 30

(Posters will be available all morning. Scheduled times are when presenters will be at their posters.)

First Poster Session 9:00-10:30

Rachel Bebee (Rauschert)- Zebra mussels: predicting the future

Madeline Casey (Hatch)- Effect of ocean acidification on the growth of the macroalgaeChaetomorpha linum

Rachel Dorsett (Byrd)- Enteric Bacteria and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A comprehensive treatment plan and the efficacy of established and novel treatments

Scott Shatto (Paul)- The Effect of Microbial Growth on the Nitrogen, Ammonium, and Phosphorous levels in the St. Mary’s River Using a Floating Island Technique

Elise Valkanas (Ramcharitar)- Short- and Long-term effects of gentamicin on utricular hair cell density in the goldfish (Carassius auratus)

Samantha Schwartz (Ramcharitar)- Studying otoliths - what is the point?: An overview and evaluation of the importance of otolith research and the efficiency of otolith research techniques in aquatic sciences

Second Poster Session 10-11:30

Abigail Baines (Ramcharitar)- Is This Alternative Really Safe? A Look at the Efficacy of Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation

Stefano Muscatelli (Ramcharitar)- The Influence of Diet and Swim Training on the Anxiety Response to Novelty in Adult Zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Patricia Romaine (Hatch)- Isolation and identification of the structure of Sarcophyton ehrenbergi's warning signal, the Schreckstoff molecule

Amelia Tenberg (Byrd)- Detection of  Ensifer adhaerens in soil and its tracking response to trace minerals

Kristin Hay (Tanner)- Labyrinthula: Seagrass decomposer or pathogen?

Third Poster Session 10:30 -12:00

Alyssa DiGiovannni (Paul)- Ontogentic effects of carnivorous and herbivorous diets in omnivorous Trachemys scripta elegans

Jonathan Espinoza (Byrd)- Evaluation of Safety and Efficacy in Acute Spinal Cord Injuries Treatments: An Analysis of the Published Literature

Chelsea Tynan (Hatch) - Enhancing Biofertilizers: Exploring the Relationship Between Paenibacillus spp. and C. elegans in Nitrogen Cycling

Brian Clark (Byrd) - Applications of Predatory Prokaryotes

Oral Sessions, Tuesday-April 30

Ramcharitar-Session Coordinator

2:00- Dalton Yohn (Price)- Effects of Social Cues on Foraging Behavior in North American Vultures

2:20- Paula Riner (Gorton)- The Effect of Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrizae on Exotic Carduus acanthoides and its Potential Ability to Inhibit Native Rudbeckia hirta Seedling Emergence

2:40- Katelyn Riegger (Myerowitz)- What Your Momma Didn’t Tell You: The Dangers of Vaginal Douching and the Impact of this Cross-Cultural Practice on the Reproductive Health of Gambian Women

3:00- Seanna Hunt (Price) - Neonics and Bees: A Proposal for Insecticide Policy Reform

3:20-3:40 BREAK

Tanner -Session Coordinator

3:40- Katherine Morgan (Paul) - An Argument for Ammonia Emissions Regulation from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

4:00- Bridget Dahmer (Gorton)- Panellus stipticus Sheds Light on Lignin Degradation and the Evolutionary Advantage of Fungal Bioluminescence

4:20- Colleen Brummitt (Tanner)- Alternative Rock: options for oyster restoration in the Chesapeake Bay

4:40 - Stephen Johnson (Ramcharitar)- The Effects of Fluoxetine on Anxiety-Like Behaviors Elicited by Startle Cues in the Zebrafish (Danio rerio)