Spring 2014

Art and Art History Event Calendar


Life Model Sessions

Every Tuesday Starting February 4

8:30-10:00 PM, Montgomery Hall

Visiting Artist Talk: Kathleen Hall

February 26th, 4:45 PM, Library 321

Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Sachs 


Sarah received her BA in Studio Art from St. Mary's College of Maryland in 2006. In 2008, she received her Masters of Art in Digital Art from Maryland Institute College of Art, and in 2009 she received her Masters of Fine Art in Photography and Digital Imaging, also from Maryland Institute College of Art. Through her fine art work, Sarah explores the dichotomy between human and digital memory, how the two influence one another, and how they are affected by natural and technological elements of decay. She hopes to create a dialogue about the relationships between personal memory, society’s collective memory, and collective cultural identity. 

Sarah Sachs Photography


Recommended Course Sequences Major in Art with a Concentration in Studio Art

Studio Art Concentration / 1st and Sophomore Year Recommendations

  1. The two art core courses are:
    • ART 105: Introduction to Visual Thinking
    • ARTH 100: Introduction to Art History

    All students who intend to major in art (either in art history or studio art) should, when possible, take these two essential “gateway” first.

  2. The additional required core courses are:
    • ART 204: Introduction to Drawing
    • ART 214: Introduction to Digital Media

    As their core status suggests, these two courses should be completed prior to a student’s junior year.

  3. Other courses to consider taking prior to your junior year:

    Students should consider taking at least one other introductory course in a studio area of greatest interest. All 300-level classes have their 200-level counterparts as pre-requisites so taking the introductory level course will allow you to move to the intermediate level in your junior year. Note that some introductory level classes are only offered one semester a year (ART 208 Intro Sculpture and ART 206 Intro Painting are only offered in the fall, ART 210 Intro Printmaking is only offered in spring).

Studio Art Concentration / Junior and Senior Year Recommendations

  1. Art History and Theory Electives:

    All studio students are required to take one art history and one art theory class. Two other electives may also be satisfied with either an art history or theory.  A well-balanced schedule might have a student distributing these art history and art theory electives evenly over the four semesters of their junior and senior years. Students may select any classes that interest them but we also recommend discussing your choices with your art faculty advisor to understand which choices might best serve your goals within the major. Students intending to complete a St. Mary’s Project in Studio Art are urged to consider taking ARTH 410 Art since 1945 (counts as a theory or history elective offered every other fall) , ARTH 470 Critical Methods (counts as a theory elective offered every spring), and ART 425 Artist in Context (counts as a theory elective offered every spring).

  2. Intermediate Studio in your Junior Year:

    All students are required to take at least one Intermediate Studio class (two for those students who opt for a non-smp senior experience). These classes include: ART 304 Drawing Studio (every fall), ART 306 Painting Studio (every spring), ART 308 Sculpture Studio (every spring), ART 310 Painting Studio (every spring), ART 310 Print Studio (alternating falls), ART 312 Photo Studio (every fall), ART 314 Digital Studio (every spring).

  3. Other:

    Various topics courses are offered often with a more specific focus of study. Some of these classes might make excellent choices for serving specific goals within the major such as scientific illustration, web development, figure sculpture etc. These courses are often taught on a less frequent rotation so ask your advisor about when they might be offered.

  4. Senior Experience:

    You are required to submit a proposal for how you will complete your senior work by the advising period of your second semester of your junior year. You can elect to complete an SMP, or a non- smp (see proposal form for more info). Students complete the required 8 credits of senior experience in the two semesters of their senior year.

Studio Art Major Requirements in Sum/ 13 courses including

4 Core
 3 Studio
2 Art Hist/Theory
2 Additional
2 Senior Exper.
Art History
studio, theory,
or art hist
Art Theory
studio, theory,
or art hist
Adv. Studio

Adv. Studio 

Upper Level 
Studio Elect.