Spring 2014

Art and Art History Event Calendar


Life Model Sessions

Every Tuesday Starting February 4

8:30-10:00 PM, Montgomery Hall

Visiting Artist Talk: Kathleen Hall

February 26th, 4:45 PM, Library 321

Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Sachs 


Sarah received her BA in Studio Art from St. Mary's College of Maryland in 2006. In 2008, she received her Masters of Art in Digital Art from Maryland Institute College of Art, and in 2009 she received her Masters of Fine Art in Photography and Digital Imaging, also from Maryland Institute College of Art. Through her fine art work, Sarah explores the dichotomy between human and digital memory, how the two influence one another, and how they are affected by natural and technological elements of decay. She hopes to create a dialogue about the relationships between personal memory, society’s collective memory, and collective cultural identity. 

Sarah Sachs Photography


Registration and Advising Information for Art and Art History Students

In this on-line art student advising web site you will find a number of helpful documents (see links below).


Step 1: Get an Art Advisor

If you plan to be or have already declared a major in art and you do not have an art adviser, now is the time to get one! Simply ask or email any of the permanent studio or art history faculty and they will arrange the change. If you do not know any of the art faculty, email Carrie Patterson, the Department Chair, at ccpatterson@smcm.edu and she will help you find an advisor. All majors are required to have art advisors. Double majors must also have an art advisor (though they need only be your second, unofficial advisor). Minors are not required to have art advisors, but we recommend contacting art faculty when you have any questions about minor requirements or appropriate course selection.

Step 2: Plan your Course of Study/ Meet with your Advisor

On this art advising web site, you will find pages with advising information:

  • Major and Minor requirements
  • Major and Department FAQ’s
  • Recommendations about elective course selections, etc.
  • Schedule of next semester’s art and art history offerings with topic descriptions
  • Downloadable worksheets to help you keep track of requirements, plan future semesters, etc
  • Senior project proposal form for studio art concentrators.

Step 3: Register for Classes/ Ask to be Waitlisted

  • Follow the standard on-line registration procedure.
  • Attempt to register for your selected classes.
  • Due to space limitations, many of our courses have low enrollment caps and fill up quickly. If you are closed out of a class, immediately email the professor and ask to be put on a waitlist. Be sure to tell us if you are trying to fulfill requirements or credits towards a major or minor.
    majors and minors will have priority being added off the waitlist!


Course Descriptions: See College Catalog (pdf download)

Majors concentrating in Studio Art:  

Worksheets you can download as a way to help you keep track of requirements and plan future semesters. It also includes studio art and art history course rotations.

Majors with a concentration in Art History 

Worksheets you can download as a way to help you keep track of requirements and plan future semesters. It also includes studio art and art history course rotations.

MAT Students