Spring 2014

Art and Art History Event Calendar


Life Model Sessions

Every Tuesday Starting February 4

8:30-10:00 PM, Montgomery Hall

Visiting Artist Talk: Kathleen Hall

February 26th, 4:45 PM, Library 321

Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Sachs 


Sarah received her BA in Studio Art from St. Mary's College of Maryland in 2006. In 2008, she received her Masters of Art in Digital Art from Maryland Institute College of Art, and in 2009 she received her Masters of Fine Art in Photography and Digital Imaging, also from Maryland Institute College of Art. Through her fine art work, Sarah explores the dichotomy between human and digital memory, how the two influence one another, and how they are affected by natural and technological elements of decay. She hopes to create a dialogue about the relationships between personal memory, society’s collective memory, and collective cultural identity. 

Sarah Sachs Photography


Artists-in-Residence by Year

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Catherine O'Connell
Camilo Sanin
Jae Jennifer Rossman 
Glenn Shrum
Natalia Gonzalez Requena
Bonnie Rychlak
Saul Ostrow


Martin Brief
Hannah Piper Burns

KC Culver
Bruce Feldman
Lois Dodd

Ying Li
Elizabeth O’Reilly


Shirlette Ammons
Ryan Browning
Daniel Groves 
Karley Klopfenstein
Laura-Gray Street 
Nick Tambakeras


Jonathan Bennett
Alex Dimitrov
Alicia Shandra Holmes
Mark Iwinski
Cecily Kahn
Laurie Clements Lambeth
Angelia Lane
Susan Petry
Mary Stewart


Jane Ingram Allen 
Ann Buechner
George Ciscle 
Hannah Finlator
E.J. Levy
Kayla Mohammadi 
Delilah Montoya 
Richard Emery Nickolson
Ana Maria Spagna
Sharon Wyrrick


Brett Baker 
Amparo Carvajal-Hufschmid
Matthew Deleget
Zein El-Amine
Yael Flusberg
David Hagstrom
Joe Hall
Erick Hufschmid
Fred Joiner 
Ying Li
Caitlin Newcomber
Susie Nielsen
Rick Peabody
Justine Reyes 
Shazzi Thomas


Jason Watson
Melissa Dean


Cora Lynn Deibler
Jen Dohne
Janis Goodman
Patrick O’Hare
Brian Kreydatus
Meredith Johnson
Jennifer O’Neill 
Andrea Packard
Celia Rabinovitch
Laura Taylor  
Douglas Witmer


Noah Angell
David Bengston
Alonzo Davis
Melissa Dean 
Mark Green
Kira Lynn Harris
Susana Viola Jacobson
Erick Johnson
Kate MacDonnell 
Charlene W. (Suny) Monk
Linnea Paskow 
Vesna Pavlovic 
Craig Pleasants 
Bob Seng & Lisa Hein 
Maureen Staunton
Laura-Gray Street
Claire Watkins


Charles Burmeister
Garrett Burnes 
Reni Gower 
Deborah Grant
Judith Hall
James Huckenpahler 
Christopher Moore
Molly Rausch
Katherine Rizzo
Laura-Gray Street
Kimberly Thorpe 
April Vollmer
Marlys West
Theresa Whittaker