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Students can choose to focus their studies on archaeology. We provide many opportunities inside and outside the classroom for students to engage in archaeology.


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Underwater Archaeology

Our faculty and students are involved in a number of professional organizations and research projects.


St. Mary's Projects

"Anthropology demands the open-mindedness with which one must look and listen, record in astonishment and wonder that which one would not have been able to guess."~Margaret Mead

The St. Mary's Project is the capstone of study at St. Mary's College of Maryland. Anthropology majors who choose to complete an SMP must select a faculty mentor in the spring semester of their junior year and submit a formal proposal to the Anthropology faculty.  The project is an eight credit, independent, sustained endeavor of research or creative expression that is supervised by a faculty mentor and presented in a public forum.


2012-2013 SMPs

Jonathan Borlo.  “The Rapa Nui Palm and its Effect on Agriculture on Easter Island” (mentors: Dan Ingersoll & Bill Roberts)

Brittany Sada Davis. "Hood Certified: The Material Manifestations of Status Anxiety Among African Americans at St. Mary's College of Maryland" (mentor: Iris Ford)

Carly Alyssa Harmon. “Analyzing Native American Lithic Material Culture from the Archaic Period Through the Late 17th Century” (mentor: Julie King)

Julian Lamphear  "Stigma and the Social Other: An Analysis of Attitudes Towards Drug Use and Users in the United States" (mentor: Iris Ford)

Mary Kate Mansius.  “A Piscataway Calendar: the Annual Movements of the Piscataway Indians” (mentor: Julie King)

Alyssa Nutter.  “Applying Anthropology to Enhance International Education” (mentor: Bill Roberts)

Marissa Parlock. “Reliving the Days of Slavery: Interpretation of Slavery in History Museums” (mentor: Julie King)

Sarah Platt.  “Their Pipes are made of Clay, very neat, and of Reddish Colour”: Local Tobacco Pipes during the Atlantic Trade in the Senegambia  (mentor: Liza Gijanto)

Christina Rickman.  “Evaluating Heroin Addiction Treatment in Baltimore: The Life Histories and Experiences of Eighteen Addicts With Methadone and Suboxone” (mentor: Iris Ford)

Aryel Rigano. “The Analysis of Faunal Remains at the Smith St. Leonard Site” (mentor: Liza Gijanto)

Gideon Singer. “Zooarchaeological Analysis of the Atlantic Trade and European Settlement in the Gambia, West Africa" (mentor: Liza Gijanto)

Leslie Walker. "What is DB now?: A Formative Evaluation of the DeSousa-Brent Scholars Program" (mentor: Bill Roberts)


2011-2012 SMPs

Marshall Betz . "What's in My Mouth!? Organic Consumerism on SMCM Campus" (mentor: Liza Gijanto).

Patricia Byers. "Grave Voices: An Analysis of Native American Burials from the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast US" (mentor: Julia King).

Victoria Danner. "Quarantined: Class, Race, Society, and Disease in the Glenn Dale Tuberculosis Sanatorium" (mentor: Julia King).

 Tessa Endter. "The Liberal Arts at SMCM: Past, Present, and Implications for the Future" (mentor: Liza Gijanto).

Jason Hachadorian. "Vacant Lots to Garden Plots: A Case Study of Community Gardens in Baltimore City" (mentor: Bill Roberts).

Julianna Jackson. "Building Identity: Mulberry Fields and Its World" (mentor: Julia King).

Madeline Montgomery. "Straight Talk: The Role of Language in the Construction of Gender roles in Heterosexual Relationships" (mentor: Liza Gijanto).

Kevin Paul. "Natural Advantages: City, Country, and the Pastoral Ideal in the Landscape of Suburbia" (mentor: Julia King).

Allison Plaut. "These Words We Speak: Expanding the Idea of the Narrative as a Human Universal" (mentor: Liza Gijanto).

Maria HelaineTolbert. "Artifice and Being Human: The Story of Organiks, Synthetiks, and Robotic Romance" (mentor: Bill Roberts).

Kay Ann Zagrodny. "Microfinance and Morals: Interplay of the Moral Economy and Capitalist Interests through Business in The Gambia" (mentor: Bill Roberts).


2010-2011 SMPs

Sarah Blaik“A Proposal for Full Composting in the Great Room, St. Mary’s College of Maryland” (mentor: Dan Ingersoll).

Skylar Bauer“From Old Hall to Great Hall: Governor Thomas Notley and his Rise to Power” (mentor: Julia King).

Jessica Ann Cleghorn. “This Little Piggy Went to the Market: The Hog Market of St. Mary’s County” (mentor: Iris Ford).

Joe Clemens“The Smelting Point: The Case for Seventeenth Century Iron Production at Chancellor’s Point” (mentor: Dan Ingersoll).

Allison Conner. “A Comparison of 17th Century Burials at St. Mary’s City to Contemporary English Protestant, and Spanish and French Catholic Burials” (mentors: Tim Riordan and Dan Ingersoll).

Molly Devlin. “Urban Development in the Gambia” (mentor: Iris Ford).

Heidi Ewing. “Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades: Finding Violent Ideology in the Material Culture of Separatist Ideological Groups” (mentor: Dan Ingersoll).

Megan Magill“Nutritional Practices of the St. Mary’s College Sailing Athletes” (mentor: Iris Ford). 

Christopher Morihlatko“Preventing The Juan Williams Syndrome: Anthropology and Post 9/11 Stereotypes of Muslims” (mentor: Iris Ford).

Jerry Warner, Jr.  “Stone Muggs, A Beare Room, and Four Great Copper Kettles: Beer, Brewing and English Brown Stoneware in the 17th-Century Chesapeake” (mentor: Julia King).

Jackson Webb.  "It's All About Adderall" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll).


2008-2009 SMPs

Barry V. Adkins, Jr. "A Case of Learning: Student and Teacher Voices from the First Year Seminar" (mentor: Bill Roberts).

Rubab Dowla. "The Cell Phone: A First-World Technology in the Hands of Third-World Women" (mentor: Iris Ford).

Genevieve Goerling. "A Comparative Archaeological Analysis of Three 17th Century Catholic Missions SItes in North America" (mentor: Julia King).

Bonnie McCubbin. "Mystery Unearthed: Cokesbury College- An Investigation into the History and Demise of the First Methodist College" (mentor: Julia King).

Patrick McKitick. "Witchcraft, Inchantment, Charmes, & Sorceryes': Toward an Archaeology of Colonial Magic and Popular Belief" (mentor: Julia King). 

Frederick "Spike" Meatyard. "Used to be and be ain't'--Cultural Heritage through Restoration" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll). 

Iben Ricket. "The Ecology of Poverty and HIV/AIDS in sub-Sharan Africa" (mentor: Asif Dowla).

Andrea L. Scher. "Folk Music in America and at St. Mary's College" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll).

Lauren E. Schreiber. "Biomedicine and Marabouts: A Situational Analysis of Traditional Medicine and the Concept of 'Integration' in The Gambia's Health Care Policy" (mentor: Bill Roberts).

Emily Rose Walter. "Morecroft Re-examined: An Archaeological St. Mary's Project" (mentor: Silas Hurry). 

Sarah Morgan Weisse. "Stop the Presses: A Study of the Evolution of Print Media in 21st Century America" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll).

2007-2008 SMPs

Walker Copper. "Understanding Alcohol Consumption at St. Mary's College of Maryland" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll).

Sarah Dowling. "Sen no Rikyu's Tea Ceremony in Japanese History and Society" (mentor: Iris Ford). 

Michelle Marsich. "Visiting the History of St. Mary's: A Walk through Changes in Time" (mentor: Kate Meatyard). 

Scott Strickland. "Early Maryland Architecture: Constructing 'Biographies' of 17th-and early 18th-century Structures in the Potomac River Drainage" (mentor: Julia King). 

2006-2007 SMPs

Hilary Barstow. "Genealogy of the Amarna Period" (mentor: Timothy Riordan). 

Jennifer Covington. "Medicine, Migration, and Money: An Examination of the Gambian Brain Drain" (mentor: Bill Roberts).

Clinton Gilbert. "Dead People in Black and White: Segregated Burial Practices in Baltimore, Maryland" (mentor: Iris Ford).

Christina Goldzwig. "Mummified Human Remains as Evidence of Worldwide Sociocultural Tattooing" (mentor: Kate Meatyard).

David Huber. "Dendrochronological Assessment of Clocker's Fancy" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll).

Casey McHugh. "Exploration of Views about Marriage from Gambian Women Living in the United States" (mentor: Bill Roberts).

Douglas Miller. "Assessment of Early Chinese Immigrant Assimilation into the American West" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll).

Heather Muszynski. "Mark your Territory: the Manipulation and Reclamation of the Urban Landscape" (mentor: Iris Ford).

Sean Reid. "Comptoir Oubile: Reconstruction of a French Trading Post called Albreda on the Gambia River 1681-1857" (mentor: Bill Roberts).

Elizabeth Truitt. "Sacred Spaces: Cemeteries of St. Mary's City and the Communities that Created them" (mentor: Kate Meatyard).

Lydia Weaver. "Quechua: Resistance and Solidarity" (mentor: Kate Meatyard).

Hannah White. "Ideal Islam: the Appeal of the Past and Medina as Perfection" (mentor: Betual Basaran-Meckel).

Randi Zung. "Pottymouths: the Herstory of a Grrrl Riot" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll).

Andrew Bove. "Bean Tobacco Barn at Historic St. Mary's City" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll).

Anna Brown. "Culture Contact Among the Etruscans" (mentor: Julia King).

Emilie Vogel. "Cyberlore: the Mass Forwarding of urban Legends" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll).

2005-2006 SMPs

Brandon Bucker, Brandon Scott and Danien Stanback. "Represent: the Political, Social and Economic Impact of Hip-Hop on the SMCM Community" (mentors: Iris Ford and Walter Hill).

Amanda Dempster. "Say it Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud: African-American Racial Perceptions, Acculturation, and Integration at St. Mary's College of Maryland" (mentor: Iris Ford).

Elena Fisher. "Database for Faunal Remains" (mentor: Kate Meatyard). 

Andrew Gilman. "African Summer: Tales from The Gambia" (mentor: Bill Roberts).

Julia Hill. "Forensics and Mummification" (mentor: Kate Meatyard).

Donald Johnson. "Reconstructing Racial Identity in Seventeenth Century Maryland" (mentor: Julia King).

Adam Peterson. "Ethnographic Fiction: The Gandoca Story" (mentor: Bill Roberts).

Benjamin Porter. "European Trade Goods, Native Material Culture, and Native American Identity in the 17th-Century Chesapeake" (mentor: Julia King).

David Smith. "Theoretical Examination of Video Game Culture" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll).

Mitchell Vassallo. "Folk Crafting as a Tool for Disalienation in American Today" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll).

Giselle Rahn. "National Archaeological Collections Policies: A Survey of State and Tribal Historic Preservation Offices" (mentor: Julia King).

Peter Regan. "Only People on Earth: A Study of the Origins and Population Variations of the Rapanui" (mentor: Kate Meatyard).

2004-2005 SMPs

J. M. Clickner. "Antisocial or Progressive? A Critical Introductory Look at the Changing University Structure in Germany"(mentor: Bill Roberts)

Jeremy R. Delaney. "An Exploratory Examination of Anime Subculture in the United States" (mentor: Bill Roberts)

Alverta S. Fields. "Souls of My Past: An Oral and Genealogical View of My Ancestors (mentor: Iris C Ford)

Daniel I. Fuchs. "The Drive to Internationalize: An Evaluation of International Education Initiatives at St. Mary's College" (mentor: Bill Roberts)

Emily T. Holden. "Trading Faces: Facial Reproduction and Skeletal Identification"(mentor: Kathleen B Meatyard)

Leslie M. Keffer-King. "Women: Why Do We Wear What We Wear?" (mentor: Iris Ford)

Sarah E. Mattes. "An Examination of Spanish Masculinity" (mentor: Bill Roberts)

Abigail M. Meatyard. "The Effects of Tourism on Conservation: a Community's Response to the Changes at Katchikally Sacred Crocodile Pool" (mentor: Bill Roberts)

Catherine M. Naeger. "A History of Canoe/Kayak Competition" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll)

Pamela B. Wye. "The Drive to Internationalize: An Evaluation of International Education Initiatives at St. Mary's College" (mentor: Bill Roberts)

Clare J. Zuraw. "In the Other Country: Burmese Communities in Washington D.C. and Maryland" (mentor: Bill Roberts)

2003-2004 SMPs

Kelly Ann Brookhart. "Forensic Anthropology: Determining "the Big Four" From Human Skeletal Remains" (mentor: Kathleen Meatyard)

Katherine Domenica Cavallo. "Analysis of Marked and Decorated White Clay Tobacco Pipes From the Lower Patuxent Drainage" (mentor: Julia King)

Kara Lee Francis. "Post-Communist Albanian Migration into Greece: An Historical and Demographic Study" (mentor: Bill Roberts)

Thomas Chesley Hart. "Building the Past: The Creation and Analysis of a Phytolith Type " (mentor: Kathleen Meatyard)

Stacey A Hope. "Spirits of El Dorado: Journey of the American Spirit" (mentor: Iris Ford)

Genevieve Rose Parr. "Thailand and Ecotourism" (mentor: Bill Roberts)

Janece Andrea Smoot. "Stealing Life: Organ Theft in the Developing World" (mentor: Iris Ford)

  Abigail R. Sullivan."Stolen Generation of Two Continents: Explanations and Outcomes of the U.S. and Australia's Indigenous Education Policies" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll)

Summer Laurel Wember. "HIV/AIDS in South Africa and Multi-Sectoral Collaboration: Is this the Answer?" (mentor: Iris Ford)

2002-2003 SMPs

Michael Addabbo. "Inside Out: A Punk Ethnography" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll)

Meghan Efland. "Culture Crossing the Atlantic" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll)

Anne Grulich. "Facon de Venise on the Chesapeake Frontier" (mentor: Silas Hurry)

Timothy Hall. "Rockabilly Music and Its Revivals: An Ethnohistory of Rockabilly Culture" (mentor: Iris Ford)

Alexander Horrom. "Culture of the Sky: Astronomy in Ancient Civilizations" (mentor: Kathleen Meatyard)

Dionisios Kavadias. "Trinity Cemetery Project" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll)

Megan Anne Kutzer. "Siamo donne, Siamo tante: An Ethnohistory of the Italian Feminis" (mentor: Iris Ford)

Cassie Mancer. "Fishin' Up: Women, Working, and The Water in St. Mary's County" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll)

Tenley Martin. "Fox Hunting Rituals and Traditions in Southern Maryland" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll)

2001-2002 SMPs

Emily Brewster. "Unearthing the Ethical and Academic Connections between Anthropology, Disability, and Community Service" (mentor: Bill Roberts)

Christopher D'Hondt. "An Exploration into Archaeological Analysis and Curation Using Computer Software (Re: Discovery) (mentor: Silas Hurry)

Kristina Dunman. "Living Objects: Museums and the Care of American Indian Artifacts" (mentor: Bill Roberts)

Virginia Hess. "Public Parks and Playgrounds" (mentor: Dan Ingersoll)

Andrew Nelson. "Parental Perspectives on Raising Children in Sangre Grande, Trinidad" (mentor: Bill Roberts)

Rebecca Norris. "An Ethnohistory of the SOAN Department" (mentor: Bill Roberts)

Michelle Sivilich. "Building a GIS of Historic St. Mary's City" (mentors: Silas Hurry and Bill Roberts)

Kelly Whitfield. "Naval Activity in the St. Mary's River during the Civil War" (mentors: Dan Ingersoll and Henry Miller)

Kenya Wilson.  "Ethnomathematics: Is This Really a New Kind of Math?" (mentor: Iris Ford)