Archaeology Spotlight

 Archaeology Lab, Kent Hall 320

Students can choose to focus their studies on archaeology. We provide many opportunities inside and outside the classroom for students to engage in archaeology.


Faculty and Student Spotlight

Underwater Archaeology

Our faculty and students are involved in a number of professional organizations and research projects.



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 Anthropology at St. Mary's

"Anthropology is the most humanistic of the sciences and the most scientific of the humanities." ~Alfred L. Kroeber

Anthropology, the broadest of the social science disciplines, is the study of human culture and social experience through space and time—from early hominid ancestors to postindustrial societies. Our courses provide students with exposure to all four fields of the discipline:

  • cultural anthropology and the study of historic and contemporary societies (ethnography, ethnology, and ethnohistory).
  • archaeology and the study of material culture (prehistoric, historic, and underwater archaeology).
  • biological anthropology (biology, human evolution, and forensics).
  • and linguistic anthropology (language and culture).

Our Faculty's research and course offerings highlight the Atlantic World and Applied approaches to research.  Students interested in archaeology have a number of opportunities to gain experience in the Chesapeake and The Gambia.  Both students and faculty are actively engaged in Applied research.


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