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Students can choose to focus their studies on archaeology. We provide many opportunities inside and outside the classroom for students to engage in archaeology.


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Underwater Archaeology

Our faculty and students are involved in a number of professional organizations and research projects.


Liza Gijanto
Assistant Professor

Photo of Liza Gijanto

Office: Kent Hall, Room 102


B.A. Rutgers College, Rutgers the State University of New Jersey, 2000

M.A. University College London, Institute of Archaeology, 2002

Ph.D. Syracuse University, 2010

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Courses Taught:

  • ANTH101: Introduction to Anthropology
  • ANTH201: Anthropology Toolkit
  • ANTH385: Anthropological Research Methods
  • ANTH390: Cultures of Africa
  • ANTH326: Anthropology of Tourism
  • ANTH334: Archaeology of the African Atlantic
  • ANTH339: Archaeology of Status and Identity

Gambia Field Studies Program (Archaeology)

The Gambia Field Studies Archaeological Program focuses on the role of the Gambia River in the Atlantic World and the impact of this involvement on local communities. In addition, we seek to understand how the British Abolition of the Slave Trade changed social, economic, and political interactions on the river. To date, research has been conducted within the former Niumi Commercial Center (Juffure, San Domingo, James Island and Lamin), the capital of the south bank polity of Foni (Berefet), and the 19th century capital of the Gambia Colony of Bathurst (Banjul).

The Gambia Field School is offered every other summer (upcoming 2014). Contact Dr. Gijanto if you are interested in lab or field opportunities related to this program.



  • African Atlantic Archaeology
  • Time and Archaeology
  • Atlantic World
  • Heritage Tourism
  • Memory

Cremona Archaeological Survey Project

Initiated as part of the ANTH385: Research Methods course, the project is now supported by the Cremona Fellows Program.  Students interested in field and lab opportunities should contact Dr. Gijanto.