Archaeology Spotlight

 Archaeology Lab, Kent Hall 320

Students can choose to focus their studies on archaeology. We provide many opportunities inside and outside the classroom for students to engage in archaeology.


Faculty and Student Spotlight

Underwater Archaeology

Our faculty and students are involved in a number of professional organizations and research projects.


Anthropology Alums

Graduates of the Anthropology department have gone on to pursue graduate degrees in cultural anthropology and archaeology.  Amongst their chosen institutions are American University, University of Southampton, the University of South Carolina, Syracuse University, and UMass Boston.

Anthropology alums who would like to be added to this list should contact Dr. Liza Gijanto (

Class of 2006

Andrew Gillman

After graduating in '06, Andrew went to Cameroon to serve as an agroforestry volunteer with the Peace Corps. From June 2009 until August 2011 he worked as a project coordinator for University Research Co., LLC in Bethesda Maryland, helping support sustainable health care projects in Africa. Since leaving URC, he has been a freelance travel writer, and working on a book about his experience in the Gambia as part of the 2004 Field Studies Program, which is due out in 2013. He is currently traveling through China and Southeast Asia, gathering material for a second book.  His writings can be found at

Class of 2008

Scott Tucker

Scott is involved in several field projects in historical and maritime archaeology and he is currently working on his MA in maritime archaeology at the University of Southampton in England. This summer he will be researching aspects of African American slave life in the Chesapeake with regards to nocturnal waterborne social transport. Following the completion of his MA he plans to return to Maryland and continue his academic pursuits of the maritime heritage of the greater Chesapeake area.