Archaeology Spotlight

 Archaeology Lab, Kent Hall 320

Students can choose to focus their studies on archaeology. We provide many opportunities inside and outside the classroom for students to engage in archaeology.


Faculty and Student Spotlight

Underwater Archaeology

Our faculty and students are involved in a number of professional organizations and research projects.


Archaeology Lab

Kent Hall, 320


The Archaeology Lab is both a research and a teaching space.  Students interested in archaeological lab methods, artifact analysis, and collections management gain invaluable information working with collections from Southern Maryland and The Gambia.  Collections are used by students enrolled in Anthropology Toolkit and Archaeology Practicum.  Students interested in the following opportunities should contact either Dr. Julia King ( or Dr. Liza Gijanto (

  • Possible employment as a lab assistant
  • Volunteering
  • Directed Research in faunal analysis or ceramic analysis
  • SMP topics in archaeology


Cremona Fellows Program:

With support from the Cremona Foundation, student fellows have participated in archaeological excavations and laboratory analysis of materials from Cremona Estate.  The Fall 2013 Fellows are Elizabeth McCague, Madeline Roth, Katelyn Kean and Patrick Meade.  Students interested in opportunities related to this program should contact Prof. Gijanto.


Current Projects:

There are two projects currently underway in the Kent Hall Lab: Berefet (The Gambia) and Cremona (St. Mary's County).  Artifacts from Berefet include 18th and 19th century Gambian ceramics, faunal remains, trade beads, and tobacco pipes.  Cremona began as a 17th century plantation and continued into the mid-20th century.  Artifacts in the lab date to the 17th and 18th century occupation of the site.  Students interested in becoming involved in either should contact Prof. Gijanto.