Past Presidents

The president of the Alumni Association presides over all meetings of the Alumni Council and over all meetings of the executive committee.  The current president also serves as a member of the College’s Board of Trustees during his or her tenure.

Under the current bylaws, presidents serve a two-year term, up to two terms, and may remain on the Council as an ex-officio member for one year after stepping down from their role as president.  

Mary E. Revell Wathen, 1917, Deceased, Class of 1885HS
Annie Elizabeth Thomas Lilburn, 1927, Deceased, Class of 1877HS
Mary E. Revell Wathen, 1932-34, Deceased, Class of 1885HS
Kathryn Coad Dallam, 1934-35, Deceased, Class of 1923HS
Henrietta Coston Lockner, 1935, Deceased, Class of 1892HS
Frances Gill, Acting President, 1935, Deceased, Class of 1928HS
Helen Decorse McArthur, 1936-37 , Deceased, Class of 1921HS
Elise Hilda Hoke Thrasher , 1937-4 Class of 1934HS
Rachel duBois Early, 1944-45, Deceased, Class of 1921HS
Jean Tenney Gray, 1945-47, Deceased, Class of 1934JC
Helen Decorse McArthur, 1947-49, Deceased, Class of 1921HS
Betty Dixon Evander, 1949-51, Deceased, Class of 1925HS
Betty Jane Howard-Jasper, 1951-53 Class of 1947JC
R. Eugenia Walters, 1953-55, Deceased, Class of 1937JC
Georgianna Longest Kiefer, 1955-56 , Deceased, Class of 1946JC
Bessie Dent Gedda , 1957-60 , Deceased, Class of 1918HS
Mildred Spedden McDorman , 1961-63 , Deceased, Class of 1914HS
Katherine Clemson Turner, 1963-67 Class of 1942JC
Mary Alice Waesche Benson, 1967-71 Class of 1950JC
John F. Slade, III, 1971-73 Class of 1964JC
Mary Alice Waesche Benson, 1973-77 Class of 1950JC
Fraser D. Bishop, 1977-79 Class of 1972
Deborah Sheffer McClellan, 1979-81 Class of 1971
James A. Wood, 1981-83 Class of 1961JC
Paul S. Pyles, 1983-85 Class of 1976
Janet Montgomery Densmore, 1985-87 Class of 1961JC
David Cribbs, 1987-89 Class of 1974
E. Wayne Gordon, III, 1989-91 Class of 1971
Charles Ray Cameron, 1991-93 Class of 1968JC
Sherrie Robinson Bailey, 1993-97 Class of 1981
Thomas "T.K." H. Kingston, 1997-2001 Class of 1986
Donna L. West, 2001-02 Class of 1976
Andrew Fraser, 2002-04 Class of 1990
Peg Duchesne, 2004-08  Class of  1977
Paul Schultheis, 2008-2012  Class of 1998