Program Highlight

The Gambia

Field study and study-abroad programs are offered in The Gambia, West Africa.

Sean H. Reid '07, "Un Comptoir Oublié: Reconstruction of a French Trading Post called Albreda on the Gambia River 1681-1857."

An exploration of the historical, physical, and cultural dimensions of Albreda, which has been designated and protected as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as a related site to James Island.

African and African Diaspora Studies is a cross-disciplinary minor.  It is designed to help students explore, examine and critically analyze the African presence in a global context.  This presence stretches back to antiquity in Europe and Asia, and for centuries in the Americas.  Students are provided with the background and tools to investigate the agency, experiences, and movement of African and African Diaspora people that span time and place and bridge academic disciplines. The cross-disciplinary minor offers courses in several departments from faculty representing a number of academic divisions.  The foundation of the program is the core course, AADS 214, Africa and the African Diaspora, which provides a broad overview to the field of African and African Diaspora Studies and serves as a common experience for all students in the program. Any student with an interest in pursuing study in African and African Diaspora Studies should consult with the program coordinator.

For further information, contact Professor Garrey Dennie at 240-895-4408 or gmdennie.