Giving Societies

Lifetime Giving Society
     Trustees Circle $1,000,000+
     Presidents Circle $500,000 - $999,999

     Founders Circle $100,000 - $499,999

The Mulberry Tree Society
Recognizes donors who provide for St. Mary's through planned gifts such as charitable bequests, gift annuities, life insurance policies, and retirement plans.


Calvert HallThe 1840 Society
In 1840, the Maryland legislature authorized a state-wide lottery to finance the construction of a public, non-denominational boarding seminary in St. Mary's City. In 1992, St. Mary's College of Maryland, a residential liberal arts institution, was named the state's public honors college. While our status as a public trust and our promise of public education - affordable to all and thriving on diversity and high standards of academic excellence - stem from distinctive legislative origins, it is philanthropy that sustains our commitment to a legacy of affordability and educational rigor. The 1840 Society recognizes leaders whose annual financial support not only transforms opportunities for students and faculty, but also plays a significant part in St. Mary's unique place in higher education. Calvert Hall - or "Main Building" in the school's earliest days - is not only a symbol of St. Mary's physical foundations, but it stands for all who have contributed to its growth and success. Within the 1840 Society, there are five levels of giving.


Freedom of Conscience

Monument Circle $25,000+
As Maryland's "living monument" to the historical significance of the colonial capital - St. Mary's City - the school exemplifies an ethos of tolerance. The "Freedom of Conscience" statue not only symbolizes St. Mary's founding and guiding principles, but also the luminaries who support the school's mission. Donors at this level have the ability to create, for example, four-year scholarships and light the way for students with financial need - the institution's highest priority.



Horseshoe BendHorseshoe Bend Circle $10,000 - $24,999
The St. Mary's River has been integral to campus since the days when students traveled by steamboat. As the campus physically envelops the river, the water enriches the lives of all who study and teach here. Donors at this level have the ability to enhance the distinctive living and learning environment that makes St. Mary's unique.


Pine Tree Hill

Pine Tree Hill Circle $5,000 - $9,999
The vista from above St. John's Pond provides vantage points to the past - the first archaeological dig on the college campus was carried out here in 1967 - and to the horizon. Donors at this level have the ability to ensure new opportunities, including the resources for students to carry out St. Mary's Projects. The outcomes of these research projects or creative expressions in the arts transcend the college's boundaries and have implications in their respective fields.

Willow OakWillow Oak Circle $2,500 - $4,999
The magnificent tree growing in the Garden of Remembrance symbolizes nurture and knowledge. Donors at this level have the ability to provide, for instance, assistance grants and hope to students who are financially struggling to complete their St. Mary's degrees.

Bell TowerBell Tower Circle $1,000 - $2,499 
Dedicated in 1980, the memorial carillon stands as a tribute to St. Mary's devoted leaders and supporters. Donors at this level have the ability to strengthen programs, including academic, student life, and athletic programs, that are essential to a residential campus.



True Blue and Gold Club

In 1984, the College's colors changed from orange and black to royal blue, gold, and white. Recognized for their allegiance to St. Mary's, these donors have given annually for ten or more consecutive years.

Historical references taken from "St. Mary's: A 'When Did?' Timeline" (2007) by Janet B. Haugaard with Susan G. Wilkinson and Julia A. King.