St. Mary's College of Maryland

Credit vs. No Credit or Pass Fail

There are two situations in which a student may receive a Credit/No credit evaluation in lieu of a letter grade. These situations are specified separately in (a) and (b) below:

  1. Courses in which letter grades are normally assigned:
    A student in good academic standing may elect to take, on a credit/no credit basis, a course in which letter grades are normally assigned. In order to do so, the student must file the appropriate form with the Office of the Registrar no later than the last day of the fourth week of classes. When the student has completed the course, the faculty member will assign a letter grade for that student that will be recorded officially as CR if the letter grade is D or higher, or NC if the grade is F. These courses may not include any that are required in a student's major program nor those used to satisfy General Education requirements. A maximum of 16 semester-hours elected on the credit/no credit basis can be applied to graduation. For students transferring into St. Mary's College with 64 semester-hours or more, a maximum of eight semester-hours elected on the credit/no credit basis can be applied to the degree.

  2. Courses in which letter grades are not assigned:
    In certain courses the assignment of a letter grade is not feasible. These courses are offered only for credit/no credit evaluation by the instructor. Such courses are approved by the provost of the College on recommendation of the appropriate department and the Curriculum Committee and are identified in the course descriptions in this catalog. There is no limit on the number of such courses that a student may take; however, these courses may not be used to satisfy general education, major, or minor requirements, with the exception of credit internships approved by the appropriate department or cross disciplinary study area.